Which program to format the hard drive there?

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The first thing to understand is that the formatting.This is the process by which cleans your drive on the available information on it.It is used most often in those cases when you need to quickly release the contents of the disk and save it to other data.Or, before you install the operating system.How is it possible to perform such an operation?For this there is a program to format the hard drive.Before you use it, take care of the preservation of the necessary files and documents, copy them, for example, to an external drive.

Formatting using the control panel

very first way to perform drive cleaning is to use your own computer's capabilities.To use them, you must use the control panel on your device.In this section, we choose "Disk Management" and see all the possibilities: to assign labels and names to create partitions, so we require to make the formatting and stuff.

us to find the right drive or partition by placing the mouse, right click and choose "Format".This option is convenient because we initially see all drives attached to your computer, even those that are inactive and in Windows Explorer, we will not see them.Before the procedure, in the window it is possible to make some adjustments.You can change the volume label, ie the name of the selected drive, select the cluster size and file system type.It is necessary to note that these settings are already configured and pre-exposed, so they can not touch, except when there is an exact purpose of the changes.

Next, the program to format the hard drive offers a choice of full or quick format, which greatly differ from each other.If the first option removes the data as efficiently as possible, without the possibility of recovery, then the second disk blank will be recognized, but if desired, information from it can be recovered.It is recommended for full functionality of confidence in the media.

Using Windows Explorer

method described above is not the only solution task ahead of us.It is possible to more quickly format the drive.For this it is enough by opening "My Computer" to get to all active logical drives.Then select the desired us the right mouse button opens a menu item and click on the "Format" option.

Before us is another program to format the hard drive.With the open window with additional settings you can adjust various parameters of the operation.At the same time remember that the actual capacity of the drive is less than the data provided to us from the manufacturer.For example, disk 2TB will actually have the available space of 1.81 TB.

How to format a system disk?

If the disc is the operating system, it is, of course, can not overwrite itself, because have to use other methods.Why do this?Such a procedure is performed, if the system disk with the existing operating system will be installed new.To do this, the computer / laptop insert the installation disc with the operating system.It will start and will make a proposal to begin the installation.You just need to follow the instructions for performing this operation.

first of its two kinds choose the installation from scratch, upgrade option of ignoring.On the hard drive can be used to create and delete logical partitions, perform a quick format.Then, we continue to put the operating system or by removing the drive, continue to work on the computer.

We looked at the Windows 7 version.The operating systems Windows Vista and Windows XP, all similar actions.But if you serve the system disk, it is preferable to use a third-party boot disks, called Live CD.

Free program to format the hard disk

to format any data storage devices, including hard drives connected to the device, you can use the HDD Low Level Format Tool.System utilities - it is certainly good, but the quality is better to make clean with the help of third party software.The above utility a handy, supports a variety of interfaces, such as SATA, IDE, USB, Fir, SCSI.You can serve the devices of the following manufacturers: Seagate, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Samsung, Quantum, Toshiba, IBM.Also works with flash cards.

What else is good this program is?Low-level formatting the hard drive - its main merit.It destroys all the data that are recorded on the media not missing and boot sectors with separate logical partitions.Remember that the deleted information will be impossible to recover.

How does HDD Low Level Format Tool?

Download the distribution, run and install.This is so simple that dwell on it will not.When we read through the license agreement and select: use the free version or pay extra three dollars and thirty cents and get updated and faster program.Choosing the first option.The only disadvantage of this tool - it is necessary each time you start to see and remove a window with an offer to pay the money.

interface is very simple.Immediately we will see what storage device connected to your computer and ready to work.Available data on these different devices, different background.

carry out the testing.We will not experiment with hard disk drive, using the usual stick, having a volume of 4 GB.Select it from the list and click «Continue & gt; & gt; & gt;».We will see the characteristics of the stick and buttons start / stop formatting.Before the start of the program will specify as to whether you want to run it.In the window you can watch the course of the operation.

feature free version - low speed (4.3 Mb / s), so everything will last about 10 minutes.HDD Low Level Format Tool not only will format your drive, but also be able to "fix" in the case, if the computer does not see the stick.

What else can format the hard drive?

One of the most powerful and functional tools for this is Acronis.This program is to format the hard disk is regularly updated and keeps pace with the times.She paid, but it has a free trial.So if you enjoy a utility, you can purchase a full version.System requirements are not too large, so that almost every computer can be installed.

option for Disk Cleanup offered a lot, the right choice for you.