Fishing for redfish in the noodle

In winter time is very well established, with hunting perch bait called "noodle."Like all bait for fishing in the winter, "noodle" has a variety of modifications and shape.The most common type of bait is as follows: the body is "the bulldozer" has the shape of a pear, where narrow upper part there is a hole for the passage therethrough of line.On both sides of the fishing line hooks are attached and tied a loop in the middle.The size of the hooks must be no more than the length of the bait.It should be noted that the small size of hooks bad hooking the fish and large are not so good game.Produce "noodle" can be made of tungsten, it will increase its weight in the smaller sizes, and of course winter bass fishing technique has improved markedly.Traditionally, hooks to "Balde" provided with beads or sleeves for different colors.The color of the bait and its weight is largely dependent on the conditions and fishing grounds.Since the "noodle" is not only like perch, pike and, sometimes hooks perform the installation of steel leashes.But the greatest effect gives this lure when there is big perch fishing in the winter.

Just perch to "noodle" is effective for pervoledyu and gluhozime even when in certain moments perch is very active and you do not have time for packing and shipping bait lure into the depths.In this case, a fisherman in a stock should always be bait "blockhead", which will bring its big weight greater effect.Fishing for redfish in the "noodle┬╗ can be conducted using an ordinary winter fishing rod, but it must be equipped with a large coil.Mostly, this bait is used to find fish places, and for this it is necessary to perform very frequent transitions on the frozen pond in search of habitat perch.Elasticity nod to "Balde" as well as other gear for fishing in the winter, it must have the appropriate weight.

perch to "noodle" is as follows. bait is lowered to the bottom, the fishing line is raised a little, and fixed to the coil.A small wave of her raised bait rod for a short distance and do not strong blow to the bottom.After waiting for three or four seconds, this operation is repeated.If you knock the bait on the bottom, she raises him murky cloud that the fish sees from afar, and she is very attracted to them.In this murky cloud perch finds "noodle" and impaled on hooks beads and tubing, mislead him, recalling larvae and small crustaceans.We ate the fish is under the hole, then bite it with a pause of three to four seconds.If the fish is in the middle of the water column, it is necessary to tackle small strokes with small stops, slowly go through all the layers of water.Biting can occur on the wiring rods and its stop.

perch to "noodle" is applied to the replanting of bait, as maggots or bloodworm, hooks, but the whole feature is to constantly kept in equilibrium bait.With the change in the balance is lost its game, and naturally attractive.Bite when posting felt in different ways - by stopping the bait before its sagging.If you have seen even the smallest sign of fish, you should immediately make cutting.If biting and sweeps, came bobble, do not be upset, you should lower the bait to the bottom and run new wiring.Lower the bait should be slowly, while shaking it slightly.The "bulldozer" has some advantages compared to other beznasadochnymi gear, namely:

- it has a lot of weight very quickly and is at a depth, easily penetrates the sludge that had gathered in the well;

- gives plenty of time because they do not need to use bait, and thus freeze the hand;

You can also listen to the very useful tips - in the process of catching the bait at intervals bait sink to the bottom, then the fish will flock has consistently under the hole and peck with great activity.