How to remove a mailbox, if it already you do not need?

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Today is very important to have a home personal computer, an Internet connection, because, oddly enough, the World Wide Web is much easier our lives are not their own advantages to virtual life.On the internet you can find virtually anything you are interested in, to find the answer to any emotional issue, obtain detailed instructions on a particular action may be trained remotely and get a certificate of education, you can become a freelancer, found on the internet suitable for the job ofYou can get free legal advice or medical advice of any orientation.And all of this - from the comfort of their room.A lot of advantages, and so many of them that it is simply impossible to list all.

One of the essential parts of the virtual world are registered for each of us e-mail, which is necessary for registration on various sites online space, and to obtain the necessary emails and notifications.

Create your mailbox can be on different systems, such as - Rambler, Yandex, Gmail, Mail, and others.It is the most common e-mail systems.Many people are there just a few so-called mails, ie e-mail addresses.This is convenient, but sometimes one or another drawer becomes completely unnecessary.Man chooses a single best option, and the other prefers to just delete.

And everyone knows how to remove the mailbox?Certainly, many do not even think about it, because this simply was not necessary.When such a need arises, by a worldwide network starts to seek an answer to your question in the forums and chat rooms where good people necessarily prompt the most convenient way to remove a mailbox from one system or another.

So now we look at a couple of variations of this process.

begin with Yandex.Register here box is simple: on the home page, there is a special window where you must click on the link "Create your mailbox" and then follow the suggested steps below.How to delete mailbox with ? For those who could not himself find the answer to this question, we answer.

When you're logged in to your mailbox using login and password that you created earlier, you'll get a page with the e-mail.In the upper right corner of the screen will be located the link "Settings".We must pass through it to the next page.Before you open the settings menu e-mail: "Your choice," "sender information," "folders and labels", "mail processing rules" and so on.We do not need it, so we go down to the bottom of the page and at the bottom left corner there is a link "if necessary ...", where the word "remove" link highlighted.That is exactly what we need - information, how to remove the mailbox act strictly according to instructions.You are all easy to get, because there is absolutely nothing complicated.

Another option - a free e-mail service gmail. Please go to your mail using the existing login and password.Follow the section "My Account".Then find the link - "Close your account ..." and click on it.At the end of the process deactivate your mailbox system gmail, you need to put a tick in a few points: "Web History», «Google Talk» and «Gmail».Next, enter your password again, and then reaffirm their desire, putting a few more ticks opposite points: "Yes, I want to delete my account," "Yes, I agree ..." and click on the link "Delete".

Now you have an idea how to remove the mailbox gmail, with yandex, well, and in other systems, it is quite similar.Available instructions and descriptions of a postal service will not leave you without an answer to a fairly simple question - how to remove the mailbox.