Palmistry: how to learn on the arm, as will children

Fortune, divination by the hand, children - these concepts have always been interested in everyone.Most representatives of the female audience in front of family planning is concerned that the amount of future offspring.The easiest and most common way to get an answer to the question of how to learn on the arm, how many will be children, giving palmistry.This simple procedure, we need only look closely at his hands.For divination fit both hands, but the characteristic lines of the potential number of children are shown on the left hand, and on the right indicates the actual number.

How to learn on the arm, how many will be children?To begin to find on the left hand of Mercury Hill.This area is located under the little finger.Small vertical line in this place and show the number of children.To deepen dashes can assume the child's future.Clear and deep lines characterize healthy, successful and fulfilling life.Short circuits and fuzzy talk about painful, early death or miscarriage (abortion).Dash V-shap

ed suggest the birth of twins.Fine groove portends a girl, and the long - the boy.Some can be determined during the emergence of babies born.To do this, mentally divide into three parts the interval between the top of the hill of Mercury International and the line of the heart.Each portion is about 20 years.In what will be the interval vertical line, at that age, and completion is expected in the family.

But palmistry only potentially give an answer to the question of how many children will be on hand.The woman, thanks to modern methods of contraception and medical progress can always intervene on their own during this process.Therefore, it has the number of dashes indicates the number of opportunities to have a baby, including abortion.The lines are displayed on the hand, even in early pregnancy, when a woman does not even know about their situation.It turns out, the answer to the question of how to learn on the arm, as children will, thanks to palmistry, is quite arbitrary, and perhaps unrealistic.Lack of dashes on the hand is not to say the lack of children.This may be a sign of the lack of a natural desire to have offspring.

noticed that the spouses have children are not the same line.Therefore, pay attention to the bars, originating from the line of marriage.This will be an accurate indicator of the child's birth.

Men answer to the question of how to learn on the arm, how many will be children, has a slightly different interpretation.These bars on the hill of Mercury have on a man's hand.But they determine the number of children, which during his life, he will be in contact and who is strongly attached.For various reasons, a man can be several times married, have children "on the side" or be barren.It can be both natural children and adoptive (including godchildren, nephews, a child from a previous marriage of his wife).Those with whom he tied a close and intimate relationship, left a mark on his hand.