How to celebrate the birthday of Tsoi in Russia

As you know, Victor Tsoi loved to celebrate their birthdays.On this day in his modest apartment on the outskirts of St. Petersburg is always going friends.In the circle to start up the guitar, and the song flowed into the night.The most popular drink in those years were strong tea and port wine.And today, after more than 20 years since the death of the famous singer, celebrating the birthday of Choi?

As the singer died?

Viktor Tsoi - songwriter, guitarist, actor and singer of the famous Russian rock band "Cinema".Maestro was born in Leningrad June 21, 1962.Having achieved enormous popularity to 28 years, he suddenly dies under the wheels of a conventional bus.It happened on vacation in Latvia, a few kilometers from Riga.According to the official version, the singer fell asleep at the wheel.The entire country experienced the death of pet.Since birthday Tsoi celebrated annually throughout the country a series of rock concerts, which are attended by well-known musicians.In a special way to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the singer.In 2012, the soloist of the "Cinema" would have been exactly 50 years.


a big way celebrated the birthday of Viktor Tsoi in the capital of our country.In one of the popular Moscow club "B2" the festival of "Cinemania."Famous rock groups such as "Acoustic Forest", "Exit", sang songs gurppy "Cinema".Thousands of fans were able to enjoy live sound, and to honor the memory of the musician.


Birthday Choi actively meet and Yekaterinburg.There was, perhaps, the grand festival - "Choi alive!".Famous songs of famous musicians sounded by the legendary rock band "Alice", "The King and the Clown," "U-Piter", "Picnic" and others.Unfortunately, I could not attend the concert of the group leader "CHajf", which at the same time celebrated his own birthday in St. Petersburg.

St. Petersburg

In the city, the birthplace of the famous musician, of course, did not forget to celebrate his birthday Tsoi.Concert dedicated to the memory of the leader of the "Cinema" was held in the concert hall "October".It sounded his songs performed by this orchestra.The biggest festival held in the rock club "Kamchatka", located in the former boiler house, where previously the singer worked as a fireman.Now here it is often organized concerts beginners and famous musicians.Fans Tsoi also visited an exhibition of his portraits and laid flowers at the grave in which the singer was buried.Tsoi Jubilee birthday in 2012 was marked by important for fans of the actor and artist development.This year was released 10-disc edition with concert recordings musician.Discs contain rare materials, including the actual rehearsals of "Cinema".


Birthday Tsoi - an important date for all fans of the group leader "Cinema", and for many of today's musicians who were educated and grew up on his songs.Despite the fact that Viktor died, being very young, his work has had an enormous influence on a whole generation, and his simple and soulful compositions and sensual voice will forever remain in our hearts.