How to Cook khachapuri in Imereti

Khachapuri in the Imereti prepared a special recipe, which for centuries passed in Georgia, from generation to generation.However, not only the residents of this sunny country like a tasty oriental dish.After all, the citizens of our state, too, is not averse to eat cheese cake.

Georgian khachapuri.Necessary ingredients for the dough:

  • wheat flour - one kilo;
  • sugar - one complete large spoon;
  • warm potable water - five hundred milliliters;
  • dry granular yeast - ten grams;
  • sunflower oil - one hundred milliliters;
  • Cream margarine - fifty grams;
  • iodized salt - a small spoon.

khachapuri in Imereti: the process of kneading dough

To prepare the foundations must take an enamel bowl, pour back a pint of warm drinking water, add the sugar and add the dry granular yeast.Mix the ingredients is not necessary, because you need to wait until the product is completely dissolved.Then, the resulting foam is necessary to add a small spoonful of iodized salt.

further in a separate saucepan, melt the required cream margarine and mix it with sunflower oil.Slightly podostyvshie fats must also pour in the yeast and add to the weight of its wheat flour.Thus a thick dough, which in future should be put in a warm room and wait for about an hour, until it is fully come.

khachapuri in Imereti.Necessary ingredients for the filling:

  • Imereti cheese - half a kilogram (one khachapuri, use about 350 grams of product);
  • chicken eggs - two large pieces;
  • drinking water - three large spoons;
  • sunflower oil - two large spoons.

khachapuri in Imereti: the process of preparing the filling

It is worth noting that if you did not find Imereti cheese in nearby stores, instead it can be easily used Adygei similar product.However, in addition to it should be added to the kneaded butter and a little salt.

Thus, dairy ingredients should mash with a fork in a bowl, add a little whipped protein from two eggs and then mix thoroughly.Egg yolks should not be disposed, they are recommended to be mixed with water and sunflower oil in the future be used for smearing khachapuri.

Formation dishes

Ready yeast dough to be divided into four equal parts, each of which is necessary to roll out the cake and put it on the middle of the stuffing.Top with a piece of cake mix, close the base and knead gently so that the cheese is evenly distributed inside.By analogy processed all remaining yeast dough.

Heat treatment

Before khachapuri baked in the oven, they should be generously greased prepared mass of the egg yolk and then put the pan with a large spoon vegetable oil and send duhovochny cabinet for further baking.

finished Georgian dish is recommended to put on a flat wooden bowl and serve.