To Beat mirror - not to good!

Split mirror does not bode well.It is considered very unkind omen - a dead man, strife, disease and separation.According to popular belief broken mirror entail seven years of tribulation.It bad omen the death of someone-from either loved ones, quarrels with relatives.Despite the seeming absurdity, this belief existed for a very long time and still exists today.And it should not be considered long-lived dark and uneducated people.They were very prudent and wise in their observations and advice.Therefore, in daily life should be guided by the signs, because they are part of the heritage left by our ancestors.

A sign of this goes back to the ancient law of the unbreakable bond that once in contact with each other.Modern science has come close to the adoption of this law, and refutations it does not exist yet.Mirror absorbs negative energy of space, like a sponge.The clots of negative energy appear at the mirror in the form of dark spots, dirt and chips.Try to avoid domestic quarrels and admire in the mirror, being exclusively in a good mood.Breaking a mirror - one of the worst will therefore be treated carefully to the subject goods.

Mirror is also the subject of magic, which is widely used by magicians and witches for various rituals.Also, using the mirror connection is established with a subtle world in which one can observe the course of possible events, mysterious creatures, or simply scoop out the vital energy.If the witch has broken mirror, all her charms fade like smoke, and she will soon die.

What do crack on the mirror?

If the mirror is not broken, and covered with cracks - a sure sign that a relative or friend is dying.Cracked mirror brings negative energy that can dramatically exacerbate the relationship with her husband.Through a crack in the mirror can slip incorporeal essence and energy information coming from a damaged mirror, causing serious damage to the human biofield.

Mirror has long been identified with otherworldly forces, and any crack in it alleges a violation of the integrity of the energy field of those who looked at him.If the rest cracked mirror itself, the inevitable disaster, and prevent or take them almost impossible.Be careful at home and try not to break the mirror, doing cleaning and other chores.But what to do, if the mirror all same was wrecked?

tips on how to avoid trouble, going from a broken mirror

Do not keep it, even if it is a family heirloom, or very expensive.His need to try to as quickly as possible replace to a new, to in the old is no longer was no need.If you happen to break the mirror, it is very useful to laugh, because laughter will take trouble.It is also necessary to cross three times, three times to turn counterclockwise, and then 3 times to spit on the pieces.Look into the broken shards of a mirror can not in any case!It can bring untold trouble in your life.You can lose so good luck, energy, strength and health.The fact that the broken fragments quickly pulled out of your life.

Shards of must remove the one, on whose fault this mirror was wrecked.If you broke the mirror a little inexperienced child, the fragments must be removed by his mother (native or godmother).It is necessary to collect all the pieces of the mirror in the scoop, and then thoroughly vacuum the dust from the mirror room.Then pick up the pieces should be wrapped in a dark cloth and throw into the sump or the trash on the street.At the spot where the mirror was broken, you need to wash the floor with a damp cloth and light a candle, which effectively cleanse the area from having a negative energy.If properly comply with these procedures, it is possible to minimize the possible risk of evil consequences.