Fall lashes, what to do?

Many of us dream of a women's slim waist, long legs, strong nails and thick eyelashes.But what if it is here that nature cheated volumes.And what to do to the eyelashes grow thick and lush.You can of course apply to the beauty salon and the increase, the benefit is now fashionable trend is welcome.But if the lashes fall out, what to do and how to solve this problem.First of all, we must understand the reason why this is happening.If it is associated with health problems, it should be compulsory to apply to vrachu trihologu.But if the doctor said that everything is in order, we begin to strengthen lashes at home.

If lashes fall out, what to do?Search for the cause.

There are a number of mandatory rules for the care of skin and eyelashes, in particular.Do not forget to wash off makeup nightly necessarily face.If you use waterproof mascara is better to use a special tool for removing makeup.Another problem could be the use of poor-quality cosmetics, bought in the transition.It was from her lashes fall out as a result.What to do in such a case.First of all, it is not to save on their own beauty and to purchase products only to those firms that are at least write her part.Check the expiration dates on all means and without regret send overdue in the trash, even if it's your favorite mascara, or the most fashionable shade.Plus, it is necessary to change or revise the food.Yes, yes, that new-fangled diets can cause loss of eyelashes.Another reason may serve to enhance the solarium or being in the bright sun without sunglasses.

Methods and ways to strengthen of eyelashes.

course, you can buy a variety of fashionable cream or masks that get rid of the problem of loss of eyelashes.But is it worth spending if most of them are inflated advertising bubble.Or option number two: find instructions on how to make eyelashes in Photoshop, then subtract planted there and that's unearthly beauty ready.

What eyelashes to grow faster.And how can we solve this problem without resorting to expensive beauty salons.If we approach the issue seriously, the majority of funds can be purchased at the pharmacy, at a very affordable price.To those include castor or burdock oil, which must be applied to the eyelashes in the evenings.After a couple of hours to get wet the eye cosmetic tissue to remove any residual agent that is absorbed.At night, it is better not to leave the oil, you can get irritated.We must not forget that the positive effects will only provide long-term use at least 2 weeks.This not only helps strengthen the lashes, but also have a positive impact on the delicate skin around the eyes.

can do packs of broth hips and chamomile pharmacy.They help strengthen the hair follicle.But excessively uvlekatsya this is not necessary.

It is worth spend on drink a a course of vitamins for strengthening of hair and nails, many of them contain vitamin A, which will positively affect the the growth of eyelashes.Still it is possible to drink cod liver oil.Well, do not make that face.Now he added flavors and it is not as nasty as before.Plus should be added to the diet of parsley, cilantro and lots of greenery, which contains large amounts of vitamins that promote the growth of eyelashes.

Unequivocally to answer the question: if the fall out eyelashes, what to do?Independently answer is unlikely.The last time the beauty industry offers such a service, as the build-up of artificial eyelashes.They look like real, but thus more luxuriant and thicker real ones.The only drawback of this method is the high cost and the need to make the correction.