How is the transcript of semen

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In preparation for analysis must be for at least 5-7 days to give up drinking alcohol, antibiotics and drugs, visits to the baths and saunas are also advised not to worry and to refrain from sexual intercourse.

How to donate semen analysis

using masturbation semen is collected in a sterile container with a lid on their own man.However, because its composition is dependent on factors such as psychological, physical and emotional state man, analysis should be repeated after 7-10 days.In this case, decoding of semen may take a few minutes.

The criteria for determining the sexual health of men

In laboratory research focuses on sperm parameters, the cumulative analysis which helps to identify a man is sexually healthy or not.Thus, we consider the criteria that will help answer the question of how to decipher the semen analysis.

  1. number.Normally at each ejaculation should be allocated at least 3 grams of sperm.If this figure is less - there are problems with the release of androgens (male sex hormones), if more than 10 grams - the presence of inflammation in the prostate gland or seminal vesicles.Accordingly, the semen analysis, the rate of which is calculated to the fraction of a percent, it can become the basis for the comprehensive survey of the male reproductive system.
  2. color and smell.In a healthy male sperm is painted white and has a distinct sour smell.If it has a greenish or yellowish color tone, it contains impurities pus, suggesting inflammation.Red and brown may indicate the injuries testes.
  3. viscosity.This indicator is intended to determine the length of extension drops the seed - it should not be less than 0.5 cm.
  4. rate of dilution (total loss of sperm and fluid okolosemennoy).In the healthy male semen liquefaction takes place from 2 to 6 minutes.With increasing time deciphering semen may indicate inflammation of the prostate gland.
  5. level of acidity.It helps identify problems with internal organs of the male reproductive system.
  6. level of red blood cells, white blood cells, epithelial cells of the inner surface of the seminal vesicles, the mucus.Sperm must be present lecithin droplets, particles of spermatogenic epithelium, amyloid bodies (2.5%) and leukocytes (0.3%).Regarding mucus and erythrocytes in their sperm health should not be.
  7. number of sperm.As a rule, they must have at least 20 million pieces per 1 milligram.
  8. number of motile sperm.Normally there should be at least 25%.If the index is reduced, it indicates too rapid dilution of semen and, as a consequence, the death of more sperm when driving on seed channel.
  9. form sperm.Healthy sperm has a movable head and tail.If there is a man of bad habits (smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction) or abuse of drugs can meet two-headed, headless, tailless instances that in the future when a fertilized egg can lead to fetal abnormalities.Therefore, decoding of semen can be viewed by physicians as the key to eliminating the problems of the future mother's problems.
  10. degree of vitality of sperm.For the analysis of this indicator is necessary to make a fence cervical fluid cervical women - regular sexual partner of a man who is undergoing tests.In vitro mixed semen and cervical fluid.The man is considered healthy if the living will remain at least 10 sperm.

thus deciding to hand over the analysis on the semen analysis, it is imperative to consult a doctor because when taking certain drugs and even food above figures may deviate from the norm, because the transcript of semen not imply percent influence on the analysis result of extraneous factors.