How to cook a tasty and quick curd

Every mother wants to pamper your family tasty.There are many traditional and new recipes for different dishes.It is only necessary to select the most suitable for your family.For example, how to make curd, knows almost everyone, it's not that hard.

curd, or so-called cheesecakes are a real national Ukrainian and Russian dishes.It's just - fried pancakes with cheese filling.Many enjoy this dish, perhaps that is why there is such a variety of recipes on how to cook curd, cheese cakes.The cooked tortillas with cheese often add additional ingredients.As an additive may be present: carrots, fruit, nuts, raisins, dried fruits, etc.I think that the raisin often can be seen in this dish than other supplements.Sometimes Serve cheesecakes offer and cream sauce.By the way - this is a great addition!With regard to preparation techniques, it may be different.How to cook the curd - it's hostess!Curd can be baked in the oven or fry in a pan.Also note that the appearance may be very different from each other.For example, cheesecakes come in small, medium, large.Surely the little kiddies like cheesecakes, but adults - great to "rasprobovat" for sure.

How to prepare curd that they liked all the family?To do this you need to know who has what preferences.For example, if a husband loves simple curd without additives, then making cottage cheese, you can not add anything.Conversely, if the kiddies want more sweet, it is better to separate the part of the mass and add sugar or powdered sugar.Then everyone in the family will be happy and not have to persuade households to eat this dish, or even worse - throw in the trash a half-eaten.

actually cook curd is not so difficult.Now we look at the traditional recipe.For this we need certain ingredients, such as: 1-2 eggs, 1-2 heaping tablespoons of sugar and a full cup of flour, about 0.5 kg of cottage cheese, a pinch of salt and vegetable oil for frying.First we need to put the cheese in a pan or other large bowl.Then add the sugar, eggs, flour, salt and mix everything well.At the same time, heat the pan on the heat and pour the vegetable oil or olive oil.By the way, the best olive oil to fry curd pancakes, or any other, because of the oil at high temperature does not emit harmful substances.Then you begin to sculpt cakes and fry.The size of conventional, traditional cakes somewhere 5-7 cm. Then fry them on both sides.Best of all curd served with jam, cream or condensed milk.

Well, how to make curd, we now know, it really is simple and unpretentious occupation.In order to please his family, not necessarily spend a lot of money.Enough to take the simple but useful products, to show a little imagination, and a delicious dessert is ready!