How to make cabbage rolls: some useful tips and tricks

Cabbage rolls are delicious, nutritious and balanced meal, the history of which goes back several centuries.His name appeared in the 18th century - at the time a popular French specialties are fried doves.Because in our country to eat these birds were not accepted, and the dish is extremely interested in our compatriots in the Russian cuisine includes so-called "false doves", consisting of minced meat and cabbage leaf.Since then, it took a long time, and stuffed and is still considered one of the favorite and popular dishes in Russia.

Every self-respecting hostess should know how to make cabbage rolls.There are a lot of recipes, involves the use of a variety of toppings and ingredients.And only a cabbage leaf remains unchanged, and a fundamental component of this dish.For softening immediately after boiling is recommended to discourage large veins with special hammer or wooden hoe.Make a soft leaves can also be placing a head of cabbage, a pre-packaged in a plastic bag in the freezer for about a day.After thawing, it will become more soft and gentle.

If you want to learn how to make cabbage rolls quickly and easily, you should pay attention to several modified formulation.

It does not require patient and meticulously wrapping stuffing in cabbage leaves.

So, how to make lazy cabbage rolls?They mean by a mixture of shredded cabbage with the major components, namely, meat, carrots, onions, rice, etc.

formed from a mixture of small patties and cook them in a pan, you get an incredibly tasty and at the same time simple dish.

We give some useful tips on how to make cabbage rolls:

  • For cooking you can use almost any stuffing, except for fish.It may be a mixture of different types of meat in different proportions.Of course, the most delicious stuffed meat derived from beef-pork mince in a ratio of 1: 1.
  • rely on each Holubec on small piece of butter, you will attach the dish special tenderness and a milder taste.
  • If you want to learn how to make cabbage rolls for the holiday table, try to extinguish them in vegetable cushion.Vegetables bring in a dish extra juiciness and brightness.Use tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers, onions and your favorite greens, herbs and spices.Just slice the ingredients into small pieces and place them in a pan preheated with cream or sunflower oil.You can also spread the vegetables in layers, but then we should start with carrots.Optionally, you can add to a pillow and a variety of meats, sausage or ham.It salted to taste, lay on top of stuffed cabbage and simmer, covered until tender.To burn the vegetables, you need to periodically add a little water to the pan.This dish is not ashamed to apply for a festive table.
  • to extinguish cabbage can be used most diverse dishes: pan with a thick bottom, deep pan, baking dish, and even baking.
  • To give the dish a spicy flavor in the process of putting in place of water can pour dry wine, apple, grape or tomato juice.

Now you know how to make cabbage rolls his specialty.