What is opera - best browser software or outdated?

Yes, the first association that comes to mind the common man with the word "opera" - is a huge theater, formal setting, expensive decorations.But not only art form takes its name.

active users of the web to answer the question about what is the opera, in other words, you learn from them that it is also an excellent web browser.

beginning of the history of Opera 19 years ago, in 1994, even before the first browser wars.We create it enthusiasts from major Norwegian corporation Telenor.

There are versions of Opera, working in environments Windows, Android, Linux, MacOS.The browser, therefore, can be called a cross-platform.

Opera for PC occupies a small share of the browser market (just over 2%), but this figure does not say anything about its quality.The application code is built a lot of their own development writers Opera.The most notable of these features is a mode of Opera Turbo, which allows the user to switch the traffic to squeeze in a few times, which helps to save money if it sits on the Internet Limit tariff.

We must not forget that this opera, and fans of smartphones and tablets.For such devices, it has developed a special version of the browser - Opera Mini.Just like an older version of the program has a function of the traffic compression that smartphone owners are very good, as acceptable unlimited tariff for mobile Internet in Russia yet.And with Opera Mini's all very simple and clear, and economy of the traffic comes to 75%.

Opera 7 for Windows is available for free download directly on the official website of the developer.Customers will find a variety of different assemblies distribution program.For Opera created more than 60 language localizations, so no matter where you are - from China or Peru, you can use the browser without a dictionary and in full.There is more

version called Opera Mobile, which essentially duplicates the Opera Mini, so the success it enjoys only novice users and owners of older smartphones.Application code rather cumbersome, so it is often retarding and gives an error on some devices.

It is likely that we will soon forget what the Opera as the browser developers whether in jest, whether seriously declared their intention to move to the engine Chromium, which means that the whole code written by Norwegians fly in the "shopping cart."It is possible that this news was a hoax, but IT specialists are sure that the application developers are well-founded and directed primarily at promoting a new, 13th version of the browser in the world.

Today Opera has positioned itself as "the fastest web browser in the world," but no one can say for sure whether or not to use it in the future, or simply exiled in the virtual museum, as the same Netscape.Internet does not tolerate the weak, and so many different browsers built on older engines, die.Only history will be able to answer the question of what the opera - the fastest independent browser or another potential clone Google Chrome.Of course, many users of the World Wide Web and the use and the browser.Someone finds a convenience for themselves in the first, someone - in the second.Perhaps this is due to the fact that people just get used to what is always used.