Herbal preparations 'Bronchipret for children' - a real salvation for cough

popular drug "Bronchipret", produced by the German company Bionorica, today really high and justified.This drug, subject to the proper destination and use can contribute to extremely rapid recovery of patients with respiratory diseases.In particular, it is worth noting drug "Bronchipret children", namely its efficient and, at the same time, a soft impact on the body, which has virtually no side effects.

important factor is the high quality of all dosage forms of the drug in conjunction with the democratic value that makes Bronchipret accessible to all segments of the population without exception.Meanwhile, the drug is also valuable in that it lends itself to cure cough of different origin.

Bronchipret for children - is a drug, which is sold over the counter without a prescription.It has anti-inflammatory and expectorant action.It can be the absence of allergic reactions to give a sick child even before the examination of his doctor.

Preparation "Bronchipret" is available in three different dosage forms, namely tablets, syrup and drops.

Tablets "Bronchipret" Children do not fit, they are administered to teenagers over 12 years old and adults.These formulations contain the basic acting substance in the form of a dry extract of thyme and dry root extract primrose.Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is an extractant abovementioned plants.A distinctive feature of the tablets is the presence of simple sugars (lactose and glucose).

Syrup "Bronchipret for Children" is distinguished by its composition comprising tincture instead ivy leaves liquid extract of this plant.Due to the use made of the drug to children in its composition contains much less of ethanol, however, the increased content improves the palatability of the drug substance - potassium sorbate and maltitol syrup.Assign it to children, starting from the age of three months to six years and older, including adolescents and adults.

Drops "Bronchipret" children prescribed the age of six, but the drug is perfect and older people.The composition with the main active ingredients in the form of a tincture of ivy leaves and thyme herb extract, together with supporting components contribute to the proper absorption of the main - citric acid monohydrate, sodium saccharin digitrata, ethanol, purified water.

In preparation "for children Bronchipret" positive feedback from both patients and doctors, because he really rezultativen.Many patients reported getting downright miraculous relief.The only drawback, according to the consumer, is the presence of ethyl alcohol medication.But clearly the good news is that the drug "Bronchipret" can be used in combination with other medicines, except for those that cropped cough.

Thus, herbal remedy "Bronchipret" - reviews confirmation - is one of the best in its category of drugs, rapidly relieves the dry barking cough.The main thing - do not take the drug in an uncontrolled and long to chance not to miss the beginning of serious diseases - pleurisy, pneumonia or obstructive bronchitis with impaired patency of the bronchial tubes as a dry cough, even without a fever, it is often one of the symptoms of these diseases.When the doctor listening easily find signs of inflammation in the lungs and bronchi, it usually appoints an additional antibacterial drugs.Take care of your health, take only quality products, proven, and even better - do not get sick.