Bukhara (Uzbekistan) - the city of fairy tales

Bukhara - ancient cities of Uzbekistan.There archaeologists have found the remains of public and residential buildings.As well as dishes, coins, jewelry, and a variety of tools related to the 4th century BC
city of Bukhara (Uzbekistan) has an age of about 2500 years.Bukhara in ancient times was part of a large Asian country Sogd, which was conquered by Alexander the Great.Near the city were found the remains of the ancient settlement, which became famous for its beautiful murals with scenes of hunting cheetah.

Center of the city is the fortress of Acre, there lived the rulers and the entourage of the walls was Shahristan that surrounded the suburb of merchants.The Great Silk Road passed through Bukhara (Uzbekistan).Merchants from China, India, Iran and other countries were placed in more than 60 caravanserais (as in the old days were called inns).

Once in Uzbekistan (Bukhara - is no exception) in the VII century came Arabs began to spread Islam, it was built many mosques and minarets, as well as a la

rge number of cultural facilities and madrassas.After many thousands of years built a mausoleum at the time of the Sassanid remains remarkably beautiful, perfect, harmonious.The architectural complex - Poikalo, Gaukushon, Labi-House and other buildings the architects of the Middle Ages - especially unique.Besides, Bukhara (Uzbekistan) allocated various monuments, surviving contemporaries.

architectural complex - Chor-Bakr, Bakhoutdin, Toshmachit - distinguished by a special charm.Thanks to the outstanding masters of the old Bukhara (Uzbekistan) is easily visible in the surviving monuments made in a special unique manner.

City magnet attracts the curious glances of people around the world.A huge part of the history associated with it.Caravans of camels from China and Europe for a long time not only transported goods along the Silk Road, but also news about other civilizations and cultures.These news reflected in the architectural monuments of the city of Bukhara (Uzbekistan), which are distinguished by their originality.

Bukhara - an ancient city, as old as Samarkand.His exact age - this is a mystery to archaeologists.Scientists have determined that 2.5 thousand. Years ago, there began to appear the first settlements.When the city of the Sassanid dynasty in 9-10 centuries, it flourished.At a time when the dynasty reigned Sheibanids, it became the capital of the Bukhara Khanate.

Despite the fact that the Islamic holy Bukhara buried and relatives of the Prophet, the city has always been available for other religions.Until now, the synagogue in Bukhara.

At any time, this city was the capital of poetry and fairy tales.It grew scholars and writers - Avicenna, Rudaki and others known and glorified throughout the world.Residents are hospitable and welcoming, they are always welcome and are proud of their homeland.Each tour includes a visit to Uzbekistan in this wonderful city.Each visitor can see what was originally Bukhara.