How to pickle mushrooms?

mushrooms - it's very tasty and rich in protein, vitamins and minerals food.Fats and proteins in fungi is much higher than in edible plants.Dishes from mushrooms are diverse forms, but integrates them special, mushroom, flavor and piquancy.Mainly used in food mushroom caps as a nutrient legs much less.Due to the fact that mushrooms are highly perishable, it is desirable to prepare them not later than 4-5 hours after cutting.For long-term storage of mushrooms salted, dried, pickled and canned.In this article I would like to stay at the salting is one of the main ways of harvesting this delicious product.

How to pickle mushrooms?

salted mushrooms in two different ways, cold (it is called dry), and hot.

How to pickle mushrooms Cold?Candidates for pickling, preferably collected recently, sorted by size and name.Salt in a pot should be only a product of the same size and type.Carefully perform sorting, should not fall into the tub for salting wormy old, damaged or spoiled mushrooms.It should be carefully sift moss, insects and grass.The roots are too soft or obviously spoiled the place you want to cut, clean the skin with yellow boletus cap.Ryzhikov should not wash, just wipe them with a damp towel.

If you mushrooms mainly small, they can be salt entirely, and how to pickle mushrooms, if they are large?You will need to hold two additional procedures.First, separate the cap from the legs, and then cut the mushrooms for 2-6 pieces (the number depends on the size of the fungus).

When the main work on the preparation of the product is finished, proceed to placing it in a container, which will be salting.Mushrooms impose caps upwards, layer 6 cm thick.Each layer fall asleep salt, typically 1 kg of mushroom out 45 grams of salt.You can add the parsley, dill or mint.When filled with utensils, it should cover the top wooden circle, it must be smaller than the diameter of the salt-coating capacity and move freely inside it, but also good cover fungi.On top lid put clean linen and cover all this construction load.Now you need to wait a few days and when the mushrooms will settle, will have to repeat the process, adding a few extra layers of mushrooms, pour salt and herbs.Repeat these steps as long as the container is filled with mushrooms.

If a piece of plate filled to the top, it's time to fill it with a solution of salt, which should be prepared by taking the salt and water at the rate of 45 grams of salt per liter of water.Get brine fill the mushrooms so that they are completely covered with water, then you can put the dishes in a cool place.Better course, that it was a basement or cellar, because I do not know how to pickle mushrooms, if you can not put them in a cool room with a constant temperature.

If tissue is covered with container, there is mold, it should be washed and cover the pot again.After two or three weeks mushrooms are well prosoleny, and they can be there.

salted mushrooms How hot?First, you must prepare them, this process is completely analogous to the preparation of cold saline.If you have already completed this step, we begin at once salted mushrooms.Prepare the solution at the rate of 20 grams of salt per liter of water.Blanshiruem mushrooms in a pot with boiling solution of the cap should be maintained four minutes, the legs 6 minutes.When all the mushrooms blanched need to decant the solution and put the product in the prepared dishes for salting.Then, in the same way as described in the cold the way they should pour the salt, cover with a wooden circle, and this circle to put the yoke.As such, they have to stand for 1-2 days, and then they have to make in the cellar for a few days, so they settled.Then everything as well as layers in cold salted.When the piece of plate is full, it is necessary to fill the five percent solution of salt and put in a cool place.Mushrooms will be ready in two to three weeks.