How to copy the link for a couple of seconds?

The article tells how to copy and paste the link.Very often you need to copy the address of the website and send it to other users or to insert a specific text box.How to copy the link?How are they inserted in the message to send?Can I copy several references?


On the Internet, we simply can not do without the ability to copy the link.Lots of interesting sites, social networks and photo galleries - how not to share interesting information with other users?You can start downloading interesting movies, photos and audio and then send them to friends, but it's a very long time, and the speed of the Internet and the traffic does not always allow this.How to copy and paste the link? Is it possible to share useful information in just a couple of seconds and clicks?

social network "VKontakte" - share information

How to share information, "VKontakte"?How do I copy a link "VC"?To learn how to copy and transfer links in this social network, we open any liked the video.Like to share this material?How to copy and send the link, for example, "Skype"?

Click twice on the link in the address bar of the search engine "Google".Then click on it, right-click and select "Copy."You can also do this with the key combination CTRL + C.Web site address is copied, you can now send it to anyone.

Learning to do the right

After you copy a link, it will be in the clipboard.As long as you do not select the other data, you can pass it on to any user.How do I copy a link?To do this, simply select the desired interlocutor to us, we insert it with the key combination CTRL + V, or right click and select "Paste".For example, in the social network VK after you insert a link, you can view the video directly, without passing through it.

Similarly, you can copy links to audio and pictures.If you have all the time you will use the key combination CTRL + C and CTRL + V, just a couple of seconds will be allocated the necessary URLs.With these keys, you can copy and send the data to any forum, "Skype", "ICQ" and other resources.

How to copy the link of the page?If you want to save the address of a page, simply select the link in the address bar, press CTRL + C, and then paste in the right place for you the keys CTRL + V.At the same time, remember that after you copy a new address data is not saved earlier.Carefully follow the sequence of the actions.

Copy link to "Skype"

If you send the address of the page you can the other party using the keyboard shortcut CTRL + V, how can it be copied?Let us examine this question in detail as possible.

To open a link that has come to you in the "Skype", click on it, right-click, and then click on the item "Copy link".Then insert the address of the selected key combination CTRL + V in your browser.You can also open the link by double-clicking.Similarly, made up of addresses of interest to the pages in text documents or messages.

links to any sites

you liked the article on one of the resource, and then you decided to share useful information with your friends?How to copy the link of the page and tell her companions?

To do this, click on the link in the address bar, copy it to a combination of CTRL + C and paste it into your message.To make up can be completely different resources.For example, you can copy links as text files, and audio, video and games.

insert a link to "Skype"

order to share interesting links with interlocutors on any resource, select a link in the address bar, click the right mouse button and select "Copy."Then you can insert the selected data to any resource.

copy the link text files

Sometimes you want to copy multiple links.For example, a list of sites with the films that you find in any resource.To do this, select the first link arm (should appear blue background) and then press the CTRL key and do the same with the other addresses in turn.Once you check all the required references, press CTRL + C and paste the list into the message you want.

Each file placed on the Internet, has a link.Any image, text, audio and video has a specific address that you can share with your users.

How do I copy a link?A simple key combination CTRL + C and CTRL + V will do it as soon as possible.Now, in order to share useful information with your friends, do not need to download files and wasting precious time.Conquer the internet, learn interesting information and get answers to all your questions.Good luck!