Ltd. "Home equity": types of loans, customer reviews

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Probably every person there are situations where immediate need some amount of money, but it is not there.As luck would have it, the relatives, too, temporary financial difficulties, and friends who could lend, went on holiday abroad and contact them there is no way.What should I do in this case?Take a loan of any known banks, advertising which goes on every day all the channels?But it will take at least 2-3 days, and the money is needed immediately.There is a solution: we need only to contact the company "Home equity".To date, the number of clients is constantly growing.

of "home equity": general information

Branches "Home equity" are operating all over Russia: in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Nizhny Novgorod, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, Ulyanovsk,Ufa and others.

According to the rules of the company, which regulate the relationship between the company "Home equity" and individuals (borrowers / customers), the parties must enter into a loan agreement.Loans issued in national currency, ie in Russian rubles, and the repayment term depends directly on the type of loan, but can not exceed 1 year from the date of signing the contract.

most popular types of loans provided by the company "Capital Home»

clients or borrowers of the company are individuals.At the conclusion of the loan agreement the client is given the amount stipulated in the contract with "home equity".The loan can be obtained immediately after the application is approved by the client.Money issued as quickly as possible.The whole procedure takes several hours to one day.

of "home equity" offers a choice of their potential borrowers the following types of loans:

1. Interest earmarked.

2. «Express-loan" - the amount ranges from 1 thousand. Rubles to 10 thousand. Rubles with a daily interest rate of 1.7%.

3. «Classic» - the amount of the loan ranges from 1 thousand. Rubles to 15 thousand. Rubles, with a daily interest rate of 1.5%.

4. «Partner» - the sum of 15 thousand. Rubles to 45 thousand. Rubles with a daily interest rate of 0.7%.

These types of loans are in great demand among the customers of "home equity".Reviews grateful clients are the best confirmation of this.


course, just come into any office and ask for a loan does not turn.To do this, the potential client must meet the following requirements:

1. The borrower must have the citizenship of the Russian Federation.

2. Are there age limits (depending on each individual branch of the company).

3. Availability of permanent residence in the region, which has applied for a loan.

4. Provide accurate and fair information about the identity of the borrower.

In addition, to obtain the money required to submit certain documents:

- passport (original + a few copies of it);

- other documents that the company is entitled to demand at its discretion.

How customers speak about the company?

As with any commercial company, bank and so on. E., For the company "Home equity" customer reviews - this is not an empty phrase.What matters is the opinion of each borrower.Negative comments stimulate the company's management to take steps to enhance and improve the level of service, the development and implementation of new programs and activities of the company as a whole.Positive feedback, in turn, are a powerful incentive for the company's future development, and striving to reach new heights.

Clients of "Home Capital" note the following advantages of the company:

- prompt processing of documents;

- lack of bureaucracy;

- a minimum package of documents;

- there is no need to provide certificates of income;

- do not require a guarantor.

But we can not ignore the negative opinions of borrowers:

- very high interest rate;

- if the payment of the loan has been delayed, need to pay a considerable penalty;

- some customers evince dissatisfaction with the behavior of employees.

Despite all the positive and negative aspects of the company, every person has the right to take the right decision for themselves alone.