How to make marzipan at home

Marzipan - a very tasty delicacy.Rastёrty is a sugar-coated almonds.That is, it is very soft and elastic mixture of powdered sugar and powdered almonds rastёrtogo sweet.Although there is a perception that in order to fully feel all the flavors of marzipan, for every 50 nucleoli sweet almonds should be put 1 kernel bitter.Opinions differ.There is another: it is to use almonds does not matter, you can take cooking and other nuts.Therefore, to prepare the marzipan at home is possible.

Mention of marzipan are found in many old European fairy tales.For example, in the story "The Nutcracker" Mouse King in exchange for the marzipan agreed not to touch the Nutcracker.This delicacy was the power of performing miracles in dreams and reality in a tale about Ole.There is evidence that the loved marzipan Louis 14 - the King of France, Thomas Mann - a German writer, Louise Charlotte - Prussian princess.

Preparation of marzipan at home (and not only), and more precisely - its description, must necessarily contain

the following very important point - in marzipan sugar should be from one-third to two-fifths.Only such a ratio allows you to mix elastic without any special chemical additives.Below are two different cooking recipe marzipan house.

Recipe for Marzipan №1

Necessary ingredients: 500 grams of ground almonds, 3 tablespoons tablespoons of water pink, almond oil 10 grams, 500 grams of powdered sugar.From this list of all the rarest products - it is the ground almonds and rosewater.Almonds can simply buy in the store, remove the shell and grind in the coffee grinder.A pink water is as follows: rose petals pour boiling water and infuse.Then removed.Rose petals are sold in major supermarkets in tea departments.All the products is based on the weight of the finished product, equal to 1 kilogram.Ieyou end up with kilos of marzipan, want less, share, respectively.Marzipan in the home get delicious only if strictly adhere to the proportions.

In a small saucepan, mix 200 grams of powdered sugar 500 with rose water and ground almonds, then cook over medium heat, gently throughout stirring occasionally, until then, until the resulting mass is come off the walls.Put it then on floured table and put almond oil and those remaining 300 grams of powdered sugar.Thus, it should turn viscous almond paste.If the weight will come too dense, you can add a few drops of rose water.

Recipe for Marzipan Marzipan №2

at home can be done on such a recipe: a cup of almonds, 2 - 3 drops of almond essence, a cup of sugar, one-third cup of water.

Almond clear (for that drop into boiling water and cook for a few minutes to more easily shot shells).Wet core gently dry the pan (do not let them burnt).Then grind them in a blender to a state slightly damp pulp.Pour the water and sugar to put on a slow fire, cooked to a syrup.It is important that the syrup does not become a caramel and its density should be such that it could be of the fingers make a solid drop.Then pour in the thickened syrup, almonds and wait four minutes.The mixture will thicken quickly and then have to drop almond essence.Now, the thickened mass can be put on the table and make almost any form of blind candy, strudel or something else.But if the mass turned out too crumbly - then you just add a little water.Store marzipan should be in the food film.

Here are two examples of what marzipan home cook is quite real.And the taste of it will be no worse than the store.