Mincer industry.

kitchen appliances segment refers to the areas that contribute to the development of technological progress.Microwaves, refrigerators, electric and gas stoves are often the first endowed with innovative technologies that further extend to other equipment.In this sense, chopper industry - one of the most demanding units, since it must not only provide a basic set of culinary operations, but also to maintain optimum performance capacity.Catering, sausage production line and other areas of the food industry are actively using the productive possibilities of meat grinders, together with the increasing product quality and the pace of production.

equipment for the food industry

technological equipment of enterprises whose activities relates to the production of food products is extensive and varied.This means for the preparation of products and equipment for cooking and serving system.In particular, food industry equipment installation includes bread, meat presses, mixers, ravioli machines, tenderayzery, mixers, mixers, slicers and many universal devices.This does not include devices that provide the packaging of finished products, cleaning of kitchen tools, basic training products and so on. N.

Against this background, the chopper is not perceived as an important element of the production plants, however, without it is impossible to exercise the majority of culinarychains, which assumes the use of meat products.In addition, industrial electric grinder is not limited to the processing of minced meat to form - it also allows the device to grind the fish, vegetables and fruits.

Device features

Today mechanical units still use some of the demand, but the downward trend in this segment is evident.Conversely, stable demand for electric models, the design of which is more important.You should start with distinguishing features.Thus, compared with a mechanical analogue of industrial electric grinder, a metal or plastic neck without extensions at the top.It also is pushed tray for the processed meat.

main feature is an electric drive, which in some versions is supplemented fan for cooling.The rest of the device unit is quite simple: an aluminum or steel body comprises a screw, special knives and clamping screw.In addition, the possible presence of the knife grids and scoring element.

Safety security

in electric meat grinders for industrial use may provide for different systems of protection against overheating of the engine.Models are available in the Russian market, equipped with two mechanisms, which protect the machine in case of a problem of meat processing.For example, if stuck bone or wound strands impede the course of screw mechanisms.In the first case mincer supplied with plastic gears on the screw and the gearbox, which is specially break down, releasing the door.As a result, the motor is not overheated, and for the replacement gears tend to have a second set.

Another principle on which chopper Industrial protects against failure of the electric motor, provides for the coupling-breaker.Its function is also to cease the relationship between the engine and the working bodies - elementary coupling opens and the drive screw, which is then idles.


Provided three trim meat grinders, designed for professional use.The standard equipment of the machine consists of a one-sided knife, screw and grate.It is simply a set of mechanisms, optimal for small eateries and cafes.

Next complexity grade is called "poluunger."This specification includes a screw and two-sided blades for industrial grinders, which can be installed after the scoring component.A special feature of these models is the ability to direct the separation of meat grinding.

Options "Unger" is characterized by the presence of two gratings (large and small), screw and bilateral knife.The quality manufacture of this option is similar to the second configuration, but its design with two bars extends operational capabilities.

power and performance

Proper correlation requirements for volume production of products with the features of the unit will get rid of possible problems in the operation.In general, the equipment for the food industry initially focused on processing large volumes of products.However, there is a difference in the extent of supply to catering and dining room and a small supply store - for this reason, you should determine the power grinder.

relative performance are four categories of units.This grinder is capable of delivering up to 50, 150, 300 and 600 kg of minced meat per hour.In terms of power potential industrial grinder is able to demonstrate the performance 1.5-3 kW.It is enough to serve the sausage shops, working around the clock.

faults and repair

complexity of equipment for processing meat causes quite clear rules of operation.However, there is a problem, which can not be insured against.Repair of industrial grinders usually performed when not helping duty cleaning.Among the main causes of faults in the compounds isolated fractures, broken gears, the failed electric motor and problems with cutting meat for stuffing.

Depending on the system protection breaking screw or a gear reducer, as already noted, may be associated with a delay in the processing of meat - in this case can be replaced by elements of the set alternate.The same applies to the other operations of repair - should always be prepared to spare parts for industrial grinders, including - drive shafts, pads, screw elements, knives, pipes and other elements of the lattice.The presence of such a kit would allow to deal with repairing the engine, replace or repair the dull knife, restore the connection and so on. D.

Nozzles for meat grinders

manufacturers of industrial grinders tend to expand their functionality, not only by increasing the structural capacity, but also due to differentbaits.In particular, sets modern machines contain special kupatnitsy - this add-on that allows you to fill the sausage meat or sausage.

There are other tools by which the grinder Industry finds new functional properties.Nozzles can be distinguished and the type of manufactured product.Some devices let you skip meat, fish or vegetables through a grater, others by modeling on the principle of shared minced noodles into uniform portions, and the third and did work as a juicer.


Assessing the benefits and opportunities of professional grinders, surely many will want to have a machine at home, although the decision to buy such models it is advisable rather to commercial and public enterprises.This is evidenced by the fact that the industrial meat grinder, the price of which varies from 25 to 40 thousand. Rub.average quite advantageous in the production of regular cycles.It pays for itself in a short time, and if the full potential of the machine, placing it and related culinary operations, you can do without the other industrial equipment in the workplace.For example, the functions of cutting, make noodles, dumplings and sausages also allows certain models of professional grinders.Again, the main thing - to match production needs and capabilities of the equipment.