Learn colors: educational games for children

Here are some games that will help your child easily remember the color.Engage can be even 1 year old, it is in this age crumbs all remember with ease.

child is very difficult to figure out what different objects can have the same color.On average, by the age of two, your child should be safe to specify a minimum of five colors.

1 .The main helpers in cognition of the world - it is you, the parents.Constantly, at home and on the walk, call, tell and show different colors.Call only primary colors, rather than shades.Pay attention to the green, red, white, blue, black, yellow.Blurts different color tone.For example, "white" - softly, "black" - grimly, "red" - happily ...

first child will be guided by the intonation, and eventually remember and colors.

2 .In order to facilitate the task for the child, arrange colorful days: yellow, red, blue, green ...

These days you have to dress up, for example, only blue, only play the blue toys, let this day will be devoted only to blue.

3 .The store buy educational toys, children's album and ink drawing fingers.Drawing so your kid can faster and easier to remember colors, and from such a lesson he will absolutely love it.

4 .Colors can easily be replaced with colored markers.Just do not let the baby all the colors at once, so it is not confused.Draw any toy that has a baby and name her color and ask them to bring her child.Once pipsqueak learn one color, you can proceed to the next.

5 .Good helper for the study of colors - colored cardboard.You can cut a variety of shapes of different colors: red circle, a yellow square ... This game will not only learn colors and shapes.

6 .You can also learn colors and during walks.For example, walk around the wheels on the playground, and before you step on it, let the kid would call the color.

Crayons also help you learn.Drawing on the pavement, be sure to pronounce the colors: yellow sun, green grass ... Do not make crumbs to learn anything by force, such a study will never use.All training must take place in an unobtrusive form of a game.

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