How to cheer up yourself and others: Emotional Algorithm

is not absolutely happy people.You can not have people absolutely miserable.That is in everyone's life alternate with joyful events periodically an unpleasant.

peculiarity of human perception of happiness is like a given, but the negative aspects we consider undeserved insult inflicted by fate, which is almost impossible to survive.Therefore, we can easily fall into melancholy and readily drowning in a bad mood.Is it really necessary?Or is it simply the wrong attitude, which can be changed?

Still, the answer will be close to that to succumb to stress, panic and other embodiments of putting yourself into captivity troubles, absolutely impossible.

return a good mood, improve and strengthen the state of mind can be.The main thing - to want this. How to cheer up yourself?

1. Rate trouble occurred to you from an objective point of view.That is, make sure that all your family are alive and well, you do have the arms and legs, which may well be used in dealing with any problems.And then compare their s

ituation with those who are bound to a wheelchair, or just lost the most beloved person.All troubles are relative and temporary.And if they can survive, then we have to break it just will not succeed!With such a philosophy is much easier to go through life than with the philosophy of alarmist and weak human spirit.

2. Think about the future in a positive way.Do not push in front of you from arising problems from the first step that leads forward.Look at it as the last line, in the past.You can not lose faith and the dream of a good future.Because that's what they give us the strength to continue the struggle and survival in difficult conditions.

great psychological move, which is responsible for the way to cheer up yourself - a visualization of their happy future.The imagination is boundless and sometimes capable of performing miracles, drawing motives of future events: for example, the campaign to date, moving into their own home, or even a trip to the islands.

In order to understand how to cheer up yourself quickly and effectively, you can reduce the whole schematic mechanism of the thoughts and feelings to the following algorithm :

  • Realize that you melancholy and resolve the situation change at will ;
  • look at their problems from , as if it were a situation did not happen to you and the other person.Then evaluate it objectively would be more likely.But the causes of a bad mood just yet lie in the subjective perception of life circumstances.Therefore, it is prudent perception of the facts can help as reasonably find a way out.
  • Think solutions to your problem , and try to find as many as possible, including a completely unthinkable, such as the move to Kamchatka.Because of the huge variety will make it easier to choose a reasonable solution and realize their real feasible and realistic.It is important.This is a mountain can help relieve the shoulders and cease to perceive the situation as hopeless.
  • And then your imagination and paint pictures in warm colors: think positively about the future, with the confidence that all problems and bypass the need to be ready for an active life and work.You immediately feel that morale was easier and improved mood.
  • Well start acting !Passing through a difficult period of sadness and depression, you can already start to constructive action in the aftermath of the unfortunate "yesterday" and build a happy "tomorrow."The positive mood should be your ally: the success of many of the activities is determined by a good and positive attitude.

How to cheer up yourself or natural antidipressanty

- favorite music;

- goodies like chocolate, honey, nuts, grapes, or, for example, even chili.Do not be surprised so inconsistently list.The fact that these products contain endorphins, also known as "happy hormones";

- the fitness, charge, or any other physical activity;

- meeting up with old friends.Call them on homemade pizza.Believe me, as long as you cook a pizza in anticipation of the arrival of a noisy group in your head a lot will be on the right places;

- a dream;

- smile.Just smile in the mirror and try to conjure up some good memories.Once again, look in the mirror to remember the state of the muscles smile.Further impetus to reach the brain and mood will begin to stabilize.Checked;

- a personal diary;

- shopping;

- date;

- trek to the barber;

- relaxation.