Trust management of money: the point.

Modern people set themselves new priorities, which are radically different from their parents' aspirations.Among them are the capital increase.There is no such person who would not think about where to invest surplus funds.The lack of specific knowledge and skills of the majority of the population popularized such service as trust money.Distinctive features of the directions can be called low risk and high profitability.

essence of trust management

Trust management of money - is the financial management for which a private person transfers their money to another person, is a professionally managed.Activity last and aimed at preserving the funds and their augmentation.The process of cooperation is strictly limited time frame, and the manipulation of control are paid the agreed percentage of the net profit.Financial services is not intended by the manager no liability in the event of adverse developments.

transfer their money management can not only legal persons, but also physical.In the face of a control can serve as an individual, and the whole company.In Russia, the person offering the controller should have special documents authorizing activities in this segment.

control features, reviews investors

Many people without skills in the financial market, with no idea of ​​mutual funds and stocks in an attempt to trade on their own lose their savings.Less than 5% of all participants in the financial market of the world earn.That is why investors around the world prefer to trust money.Reviews about the companies and private persons, who are professionals in this business, always positive.

Trust Management "from past to present»

More recently, control was available only to rich people.The company takes on the management of funds in the amount not less than $ 1 million.Today this trend has remained, though, but there are new opportunities for a wide range of people with different levels of income.Today, depending on the project, you can find the control, which will increase the capital within a week.New time has brought many new opportunities.

mutual funds and control

Trust management of money can be carried out in several formats.The yield of each partnership is always greater than the percentage of deposits in the banks.The only thing though: no one ever does not give guarantees.Fixed dividends no promises.Financial services has a certain resemblance to the mutual funds, which over the last 20 years have become very popular.They are affordable for most people and at the same time a simple destination for investment.The activity of mutual funds regulated by the state, which can already be attributed to the benefits.If the Fund and will be a bankrupt, its participants remain shares which can be transferred to another management company.Disadvantages direction at a straight bond value of the units to the state of the economy and some difficulties with the purchase of land.

control the currency market

Trust money management is widespread in the international financial and stock markets.The funds are transferred to the trader.If you have previously experienced player finances were given directly into the hands of that promised certain risks in connection with human honesty, today a partnership regulated brokers.The company creates a product like the PAMM.They upgraded version - PAMM 2.0., Where the distribution is not only profits, but also losses.The funds are transferred to the control of the trader, but direct access to him, he has not.Using them in trade, to bring to his account he will not turn them.This additional safeguards which reduce the risks kapitalovkladchikov.Today, there are quite a number of features for managing capital.It is not just trade currency pairs, but the manipulation of options, futures and forwards.

Individual approach

individual approach - is another point, which compares favorably with trust money.The agreement defines the partnership not only highlights the overall activity, but also describes the specifics of control.For example, when the stock market falls, the manager does not have the right in accordance with the law to sell stocks, bearish short transactions.It can only temporarily throw off position and wait out the crisis.Loans and lending prohibited.Taking into account the interests of each investor that is excluded in mutual funds with equity participation of the plurality of investors.Control - according to investors - this is one of the most popular services that cost with minimal time and in the absence of special knowledge can increase equity exponentially.

best companies offering control

Promotion of financial services and strong demand from investors allowed to form among the companies offering assistance ratings.Trust management of money offered by many, but the three leaders is always the same.It is said about:

  • "Alpari".One of the best online trading organizations, offering an extensive program of control of PAMM-accounts.Particularly noteworthy structured products.
  • "InstaForex".This is the best broker in Asia, whose trust is presented in the format of PAMM-accounts.The company offers an interesting incentive and bonus programs to investors.
  • ForexTrend.Another broker that offers asset management, not only in the form of a PAMM-account, but in the format of PAMM-accounts 2.0, as well as an index of the control group.

at a decent level and keep us LifeForex TeleTRADE, FOREXClub and "Finam", SingForTrade and FxCompany, others.Interesting proposals in this regard makes the company DCS.

Asset Management Sberbank

not only brokers, but the financial institution is required to offer the trust money.Rating companies providing this category of services is not without Sberbank.The offer is available and the private and corporate customers, insurance companies and even pension funds.Bankers advised to invest not less than a year.Signing the contract on trust management of money, Sberbank offers individually format calculation between the parties and picks up the portfolio of securities with a focus on the interests of the investor.

entire amount of income on the basis of trust management of the property of the customer's bank.Financial institution receives only a pre-specified percentage of the net profit.The investor has the right, through its own manager to make changes to the investment declaration.Even if finances have been invested by the representative of the bank's securities, the owner of the funds may at any time withdraw from the control of the capital or increase the amount of investment.More detailed conditions of partnership registered in the public offer.