How to cook chicken breast with pineapple?

One of the main advantages of chicken is that it blends perfectly with the huge number of products.Fillet this bird can be cooked in hundreds of different ways, and each of the cooked dishes will be unique.In this article, we will focus on how to combine chicken breast with pineapple and which of them can cook.

All the dishes that can be prepared using as the basis of chicken meat and fresh or canned pineapple, can be divided into three subgroups - hot main dishes, salads and snacks.

To prepare the majority of hot dishes in this case is ideal for chicken breast.Under pineapple recipes described below refers canned product which can be cut as a ring and slices.The easiest way - is to take two chicken breasts at the rate of three or four portions, wash them well and cut into four large pieces.Then carefully rub the meat with salt and spices, and send on a hot skillet in which you must first melt a tablespoon of butter.When the meat is almost ready, add to it one hundred grams of diced pineapple, grat

ed on a coarse grater apple and a tablespoon of tomato paste.If necessary, add a little more salt and spices.Serve the meat hot, top watering sauce from the pan.As a side dish of chicken breast with pineapple good "accept" mashed potatoes or boiled rice.

If you have a little more time, it is possible to prepare rolls the basis used is the same chicken breast with pineapple.To do this, cut the chicken breast lengthwise, slightly repel and leave for half an hour in the marinade.The marinade is cooked very simply: mix four tablespoons of vegetable oil and as much soy sauce, add salt, a little red pepper, crushed garlic clove and a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice.Then spread on slices of pineapple meat and wrap it.Now we have to dip into the egg rolls, roll in breadcrumbs and fry until cooked.It should be noted that the chicken breast in breadcrumbs should roll as it should - it will be the key to a delicious crisp.

Classic salad of chicken and pineapples as follows.Boiled chicken breast cut into small pieces and then mixed with about as sliced ​​soft cheese, pineapple, olives and herbs.Season salad can be such as the sour cream or cream and soy sauce.This recipe can be greatly changed depending on your culinary preferences.For example, you can add a salad marinated mushrooms (perfectly suited for this purpose as the mushrooms and butter mushrooms), crab sticks and lettuce.Serve the salad, which lies at the heart of chicken breast with pineapple best little chilled.

traditional snacks of chicken and pineapples can be considered small sandwiches on skewers.In fact, for this snack, which you can decorate not only a friendly party, but home-cooked meal, you can use a lot of products.Suitable not only sliced ​​boiled chicken breast with pineapple, but the same pickled mushrooms, cheese, slices of bacon and other contents of your refrigerator.Bread for the creation of a "foundation" of these snacks is desirable to use not only white, but the rye - this will make an additional variety to your table and make sandwiches even tastier.

described above dishes - this is only a small part of how you can cook chicken and combine it with pineapple.In your kitchen cooking of these products will be limited only by your imagination.