What is monitoring?

In today's terminology appears more new words, one of which is the "monitoring".So, what is monitoring?

monitoring is presented as the systematic collection and processing of information, which can be used to improve the decision-making process, and can also serve as a tool to inform the public and develop strategies and tactics in certain vital processes.

Continuous monitoring of a process to compare it with the desired result characterizes the term "monitoring".Definition of it lies in the different spheres of human activity.

What is monitoring - answer a science.Thus, the main words in the definition of this term is the phrase "information gathering".Hence, too, and follow the main organizational functions:

- identification of critical or in a state of irreversible phenomena of environmental change on the removal of which will be worked out a program of action in the future;

- establishing relationships with their environment, which may be based on the experience of previous failures or successes in a particular policy or program;

- associating contractual obligations and rules.

As stated, monitoring is used in various sectors of the economy and, in particular, in international relations, where under this terminology refers to the activities of various international organizations, aimed at monitoring the execution of the State's obligations under an international treaty.

There are certain mechanisms in which its implementation is monitored.What is it - need to be addressed specifically, monitoring of elections by international experts, the European Court of Human Rights, etc.

In some publications, the authors in response to the question, "What is monitoring?", Often with the definition of the term given as synonym word "supervision", "control", "Baby."However, this is not entirely true, and the closest Russian equivalent of the word is "monitoring", "monitored".

So, what is monitored, can be defined in the following MEANING:

- Continuous constant monitoring of the activities of any system, economic, social or demographic process to determine their compliance with some of the trends, promote early warning of adverse events;

- evaluation, monitoring and prediction of the environment, taking into account human activities (eg, the definition of background radiation);

- the collection of information for the study of public opinion on a particular issue.

monitoring can be used in various fields.Thus, there is environmental monitoring, resource monitoring of human health.In other words, the term came into our lives fairly well and often the adoption of any decisions directly related to the monitoring data.

enough attention is paid to monitoring in various companies in the processing of vast amounts of information, it is, it would seem to be structuring, but requires getting as a result of the compact report, with specific and qualitative indicators depicted in graphs and charts.So often, some firms are attracted to a complete collection of information, followed by an analysis of its specially trained professionals who understand what to monitor and what are the key parameters used in this case.After having received and analyzed the information correctly, can strengthen the reputation of the firm.