9 of the rules "satiated" life

Rule № 1. Appreciate yourself.

Strive always to raise their incomes.Tell yourself that you stand more.If your current job is no longer to meet you in financial terms, the mood to search for a new one.Or find additional income.

Rule № 2. Do not invest in something you do not understand.

first look at how it works (business, securities transactions).After all, even with the successful outcome of the case you might miss part of the profits.And what will happen in case of failure, the more you have to imagine.

Rule № 3. Do not believe empty promises.

You must understand that the more money you can earn, the more you need to take risks.And the risk is justified in the case if you put money in an investment that will continue to bring you dividends.If you spend money on something that you will not bring income, the risk at the same time - there's no point.

Rule № 4. Learn to control your finances.

Most people by the end of the month do not remember where to spend 30-50% of their income!Therefore, an important part of proper money management is to control their income and expenses.That is, carefully write down their spending and planned revenue, and at the end of each month to do the analysis.

Rule № 5. Plan the personal (family) budget.

considered in advance that the new year to buy a bunch of gifts, in October, you need to put winter tires in the spring to visit dentist and go relax in the summer.

Rule № 6. Always set aside some of the money earned.

can, however, by the accumulation of money and have fun, because the more time passes, the greater the amount deposited.Thus, a bank account is growing and it is not only warms the soul, but also gives confidence.Optimally defer 10-20% of their monthly income, while you do not even notice the lack of money.So you can save up for large purchases, travel or just to have a constantly replenished bank account, trusting in the saying "the money to attract money»

Rule № 7. Do not go into debt.

Try not to go into debt, especially in the large.Do not waste your money set aside to life, or the same 10%, in which case you risk to stay at all with anything.Never invest other people's money, if you have nothing to pay in the event of the loss of the money.

Rule № 8. Invest the money in yourself.

If you want to be successful, you must constantly evolve.Attend seminars and workshops, arrives at training courses.The more you stand, the more deserving.

Rule № 9. Do not chase for ideals.

Many people want to have imposed advertising and glossy magazines huge houses, luxury cars, yachts, the position of CEO or own business.And the constant race for status does not allow them to be happy now.

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