Tooth remineralization in the home: preparations

Each of us dreams of a beautiful Hollywood smile, and this requires healthy and strong teeth.How to maintain and strengthen the enamel of the teeth at home, and in what ways are the doctors?What is the remineralization of teeth?Let's try to sort out this issue.

Tooth enamel

If we consider the structure of the enamel layer of the tooth, we can see that it consists of a crystal grid, which, in turn, includes a tiny prism gidroksialaitov.Due to such a porous structure can easily penetrate the tooth enamel in acid and are derived minerals.Under the influence of the acidic environment appears caries, enamel layer is gradually destroyed, and this process is called demineralization of tooth enamel.Prolonged exposure to acids resulting in a first surface caries, and then it reaches and pulp.It begins painful pulp.

there are some factors that affect the condition of tooth enamel:

  • anatomical structure of the tooth gaps between the teeth.
  • Oral hygiene.
  • Saturation enamel fluoride.
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  • quality of food intake and the amount of trace elements and vitamins in the body.
  • composition and quantity of saliva.
  • genetic factors.
  • human health.

Given the susceptibility of enamel, it is necessary to take care, as it can be restored only if it is slightly broken, so just need to strengthen it.

recovery process

remineralization of teeth - is the restoration of the tooth enamel, increasing its resistance to pathogenic bacteria, acidic environment.This procedure reduces the sensitivity.It has its positive side:

  1. strengthen the enamel.
  2. stops the development of caries at an early stage.
  3. reduces the sensitivity of teeth.
  4. returned healthy color after wearing braces.
  5. neutralizing wrong whitening hard abrasives.
  6. normalize the microflora of the mouth.
  7. lightens tooth enamel 4 tone.

In the arsenal of dentists there are two ways of remineralization of tooth enamel:

  • artificial.
  • natural.

Each species has its own distinctive features, advantages and disadvantages.


in specialized clinics and dental offices held artificial tooth remineralization.The preparations for it are as follows:

  • 10% calcium gluconate or calcium chloride,
  • 0,2% sodium fluoride th,
  • 5-10% calcium phosphate th,
  • 2,5% calcium thglycerophosphate,
  • complex preparations "Remodent", "Ftorodent", GC Tooth Mouss and others.

essence of the procedure for artificial teeth mineralization consists of the following:

  1. Damaged tooth enamel coated artificial, it creates a barrier protection.
  2. tooth coated calcium fluoride varnish, in addition to the barrier protection strengthens enamel, restores damaged tooth structure.This varnish is applied with a brush or use a special caps, which are made in the dental office.

Artificial remineralization of teeth may include fluoridation.If the procedure does not include this step, the teeth are covered activity of calcium in several layers.At the end of Fluoride used as a fixative lacquer.

In the case where the fluorination is provided, the active calcium and fluorine are applied in turn.This creates a durable protective coating.This method is called deep fluorination.Course remoterapii teeth lasts from 5 to 20 days.

One way remineralization - is the use of electrophoresis.Calcium fluoride and come into the tooth structure under the influence of the weak discharge current is not felt by man.Number of physical therapy from 10 to 15.

artificial method has a positive side - a quick fix to the damaged enamel.The downside - rapid wear of the coating.Conclusion: The problem is solved quickly, but not for long.

natural remineralization of teeth

This method consists in strengthening the enamel, the normalization of saliva and an increase in revenues of minerals in the body.All this is quite accessible for everyone in the home, it is necessary: ​​

  • normalize diet.
  • Increase consumption of foods containing calcium, fluoride and phosphate.
  • Take mineral supplements, they are good not only act on the enamel, but also on the condition of the gums.
  • necessary to drink plenty of fluids rich in calcium and fluorine.This will result in salivate creating proper alkaline environment.
  • oral hygiene.Brush your teeth at least twice a day curative toothpaste.This procedure should be continued for at least 3 minutes.

Restore enamel house

remineralization of teeth at home, thus involves the use of natural methods.However it is necessary to supplement its procedures to appoint a doctor.Only a dentist will choose the right treatment.Of course, it will be primarily calcium preparations, fluorine and phosphorus.Professional very high concentrations are assigned a short course in the form of applications of fluoride.

home use pastes, gels and rinses.

Note that excess fluoride is as dangerous as the lack of it.It is important to remember when using fluorine-containing drugs.

gels enamel

good to use as a supplement to the pastes for tooth remineralization gel.It is effective only at the first stage of caries.Good whitens teeth and reduces sensitivity.If you regularly use the gel, the film is formed on the teeth, promoting the penetration of minerals into the tooth and protects against acids.

Also, the use of such additional funds are neutralized foci of inflammation, eliminates breeding grounds for bacteria, strengthens enamel, all this is an excellent preventive measure against tooth decay.The gel can be applied after bleaching and focal remineralization.At home purchased drugs such as Amazing White Minerals, Vivax Dent, ROCSMedical Minerals.

to remineralization of teeth at home to be effective, should follow the instructions for use of drugs and to take into account the recommendations dentist.

Necessity remineralization

Not everyone, of course, shows such a procedure, but there is a category of patients who need remineralization:

  • children and adults in the early stages of tooth decay.
  • at risk of developing tooth decay as a method of prevention.
  • people with sensitive teeth.
  • patients after treatment with braces.
  • people with darkened enamel.
  • children in their teens.
  • Elderly.
  • pregnancy.


remineralization of teeth in children usually begins to take place from 6 years of age.

This is done via cap that is filled with mineral complexes.Wearing them to be at least 20 minutes per day.The gel consists of active substances:

  • Xylitol reduces the activity of pathogenic bacteria.
  • glycerophosphate calcium forms a film that prevents the loss of calcium.

course of treatment - 2-4 weeks.The drug, which is filled with mouthpiece, prescribed by the doctor, taking into account characteristics of the body of the child.

remineralization of deciduous teeth can be done at home.It involves the use of preparations containing calcium, fluoride and phosphate.These funds can be rubbed into the teeth of some use in the form of applications, as a complement to use toothpaste and mouthwash.The course of treatment should be coordinated with the dentist.

tips to enhance the therapeutic effect

remineralization of tooth enamel will be faster and the effect persist longer if you follow these simple tips:

  1. Brushing your teeth at least 3 minutes.Then rinse your mouth for a minute, because large amounts of calcium from the therapeutic paste penetrates the tissues of the teeth.
  2. sure to use floss to clean between the teeth gap.
  3. Well after therapeutic use toothpaste with fluoride rinse.He will fix calcium, caught in the tooth enamel.
  4. eat more sour-milk products, cheeses durum, green vegetables, legumes, almonds and nuts.
  5. can use water enriched with fluoride, just need to be careful with the standards to avoid oversaturation of this element.
  6. to improve blood supply to the gums, which means a better supply of nutrients to the teeth useful massage gums.It should be done in circular movements of the fingers for a few minutes after brushing.
  7. reduce the use of soft drinks and other sweets.
  8. drink less coffee and strong tea.After eating and drinking sweets sure to rinse your mouth with water or rinse.
  9. have to give up smoking.Do not eat too hot or cold beverages.
  10. regularly brush your teeth two times a day.

Everyone should remember that the most effective means to preserve the enamel - is a daily oral health care and prevention.Timely visit to the dentist will help keep your teeth strong and healthy.The only way you can be sure that a smile will always be dazzling.