How to open Device Manager in Windows XP, 7, 8

Device Manager - is built into all versions of Windows utility.Opening it, you can see what equipment is installed on your computer, check and, if necessary, update the driver, disable or enable virtually any item.

Knowing how to open Device Manager (DM), you will be able to identify the equipment that has a certain problem.

Device Manager Windows XP

One of the oldest operating system is Win XP.His popularity owes it simple interface and easy management of various parameters through computer control.

So, how to open Device Manager XP?The easiest way, which, incidentally, is also suitable for "Vindovs 7.8", is to use the command line.Press the key combination Win + R, or in "Start" menu, select "Run".In the window that appears, you must enter devmgmt.msc and click "OK".

There is another way to get to the control Win XP.On the desktop, you should have an icon "My Computer".Click on it and the RMB in the dropdown menu, select "Properties".A window appears where you need to open the section "Hardware," and then go to the "Device Manager".

Note: Win a button located in the lower left area of ​​the keyboard (between fn and alt).It bears the logo "Vindovs."

How to open Device Manager on Windows 7?

Open control to the operating system, Win 7 is not less easy.There are also a number of ways:

  1. From the desktop Right-click on the icon "My Computer".Go to "Properties".This opens a window with information about the system.In the left menu you will see the section "Device Manager."
  2. Call the "Start" menu by clicking on the appropriate button.Enter the "Control Panel".Set small icons, locate and navigate to the dispatcher.
  3. In "Start" menu has a search bar where you want to insert the word "manager".Select the desired option and click LMB.

call up information about the system, you can win by pressing the keys simultaneously and pause.Here again, in the left menu, select the desired profile.Now you know how to open Device Manager on the "Vindovs 7".

control for Windows 8

Some users do not know how to open Device Manager on the "Vindovs 8", because the operating system is relatively new.In fact, to get in control is very easy.

You can use the command line and enter the word go, which were discussed above.Also, in the case of this operating system is suitable first method the previous section (system properties).

you can open the control in two clicks.To do this, right-click on the button "Start" in the drop-down menu, select "Device Manager."

So, you learned how to open Device Manager in several operating systems.It remains only to become familiar with its capabilities.

What actions can be performed in control?

Manager, you can see what equipment is installed.Open section, for example, "Monitor", you will see the name of the device.Would you like to get about it more information?Then click on it with RMB and select "Properties."

Here you can see the disconnected devices or those who have any problems.Depending on the situation around them will alert icon (a question mark, X).

If you need to update the driver or get information about them, click RMB on the device and the pull-down menu, go to "Properties".A window will open where you have to choose "Driver."

in control you will be able to disconnect the equipment.At the same time you do not get deactivated processor and some other devices, since there will be no corresponding button.

View, which device hardware conflicts can be in the "Properties", "Resources" section.

Errors in Device Manager

Almost all the errors in your code has control.To correct the problem, you need to know at least about the most common codes.Here are just a few of them:

- «Code 1" indicates that perhaps the equipment is not installed drivers, or they are not configured.

- «Code 14" means that the equipment to work properly, you must restart the operating system.

- «Code 31" indicates the unstable operation.The reason - the driver.Most likely need to download new software.

Conclusion Now that you know how to open the Device Manager, so will be able to control the operation of the equipment and drivers.By the way, some devices on laptops is recommended to disable the battery to hold a charge longer.