Protective and decorative grille on the radiator

To maintain a uniform style interior used shields for radiators suitable for production material.These elements of decor perfectly camouflage unit of the heating system, giving the interior decoration of the premises finished appearance.In accommodation, decorative bars on radiators are usually installed for aesthetic purposes.In health, sports, education and other public institutions radiators are closed to ensure the safety of adults and children.


By design features decorative lattice on the radiators are divided into several basic types:

  • lattices made in the form of ladders, boxes, used to completely hide the location of the radiator.
  • hitch, complete cover used in the case where the cast iron radiators protruding from under the sill.
  • mounted device without cover, allowing close-iron radiators, which are located under a window sill.
  • flat screen, most often they are used for the protection of heaters placed in niches.

Material of

production material protective grille on the radiators can be divided into the following types:

  • wood;
  • metal;
  • MDF grille;
  • plastic;
  • glass.

Wooden screens for the production of decorative gratings are very often used wood as the material makes these designs attractive appearance.In most cases, wooden lattice is made with their own hands, since their production does not require specialized equipment.For a more attractive finished design impregnated stain, then paint or varnish.

lattices of wood are the most expensive, but the most aesthetic.Highly prized handmade cabinet makers, for this reason, these products are considered to be expensive.Looks great wicker decorative designs that perfectly bend, they can be used to create curved shapes.


This option structures in most cases is made of a thin metal box, painted in bright colors.Gratings for radiators, metal simple and primitive in design, which explains their low cost.At the same time these devices fully comply with their functional purpose.

Set metal grid method "hanging" for its installation requires no special skills.More beautiful and precious metal bars on the radiators (picture shown below) are made of stainless steel.By perforating the product is attached to an elegant look.Ornate pattern decorate any room or office space.But not every interior manages to organically enter data protection features.Metal grilles are easy to install on heating devices, they simply hang on radiators.

MDF grille

data structure, compared with screens made of natural wood, resistant to temperature changes and evaporation.In this regard, these accessories will serve for many years without the need for reconditioning.

Through programmable machine turns with maximum precision play absolutely any thumbnail picture.In order to customer specification can be made exclusive grille for the heater of the MDF board.

devices plastic

plastic grid on the radiator - is a budget solution, which is among the domestic consumers did not find a special demand.However, despite this, the cost of such products is relatively low.Plastic structure under high temperatures susceptible strain.

lattices glass pyrex

Glass bars on radiators (pictured below) is extremely rare for sale, and almost no popular.Discourages domestic buyers, in this case a preconceived notion about the strength of the glass structure, as well as the high cost of these products.

This decorative grilles made of heat-resistant tempered frosted glass, not only look great, but also, among other things, are durable and robust.


radiator heating - it is extremely functional, "technical" thing.As a rule, manufacturers do not even think about his aesthetics.In this regard, in the interior with exquisite, unusual design outdoor heating devices look far better.In this case, in the radiator grille - a perfect solution.With its help, you'll have several tasks:

  • emphasize your exquisite taste;
  • close radiators, issued them in the style of the interior;
  • ensure safe use of the heater - protective grille on the radiator heating makes it impossible to direct access to the heater.This is especially important if you have kids in the house - if the radiators are closed, it is impossible for them to be burned.

How to choose?

Guide selection radiator grilles pretty simple - you need to make sure that the design meets the parameters of your heating appliances and aesthetic point of view you are completely satisfied.

choosing a radiator grille, measures should be considered in the first place, otherwise there may be problems with the installation.The fact that such structural elements have special holes for the pipes, which must match the configuration of the heater.

Recommendations for manufacturing

make yourself decorative protective device on the heater is very simple.To do this, you must decide how you are presenting the finished product to determine the dimensions and choose the best material.

advantageous if a radiator grille is made of easy-to-material processing.For example, three-layer plywood sheet, it can be built from a fine screen for decorating heaters.

You will need to saw off the veneer of a suitable size, then it raschertit patterns and make the appropriate cut-outs on the circuit.Then the preform is impregnated plywood stained and coated with paint or varnish.