Unusual tours of Prague

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In Prague there were excursions, giving the opportunity to meet with the seamy side of urban life.Exotic walks in the Czech capital spend homeless, featuring unusual and even criminal places.

Prague Tourism talented professionals, researchers in the humanities and simple humanity have decided on an unusual experiment, able to kill again two very important things: increase the profitability of the tourism industry and to save at least a few people who find themselves at the bottom of modern life.They have developed and launched a project guided, offers tourists get acquainted with the seamy side of life of the Czech capital, with a guide in this world are unadorned guides the homeless.More precisely, the former homeless people - the few lucky ones who have managed to overcome themselves and to try with the help of honest work to return to society.

The project Pragulic (slogan of the Czech reads "See Prague through the eyes of the homeless" in English - "View of Prague from the Bridge") such unusual guides offer the tourists stroll along the routes for which a tourist might, he neverI would not have come across.This trail away from the tourist routes, such as the narrow alleys where crime flourishes that from noisy people flooded the streets sometimes are only a couple of buildings.

"We, in contrast to classical tours, offer trails that are interesting from another point of view, the place where a person, for example, in some cases, he would not go and he knows only from the front, but from the inside, notknowing that this place is really going on. On this route in the city center leads visitors guide Karim, who shows in public places of prostitution, where they sell drugs, and so on ", - told the" Radio Prague "one of the organizers of the project, a student at the FacultyHumanitarian Studies at Charles University Yurechkova Teresa.

According to the girl, originally selected for the project five homeless people, four of them hold a job.And, moreover, is so successful that it was decided to expand the staff, so that at this point in the project involved nine guides.

"We have expanded the list of excursions, since each conductor has its own path related to its vital topic, as well as offer new programs. These include the" 24 hours without a home "- you can experience the personal experience of what it is - to spend a dayin the street ... a group of students and young people program designed Prague Homeless Challenge, aimed at supporting the environment, allows you to organize various activities in public places and including the homeless "- said Yurechkova.

As a rule, the group accompanied by an interpreter.However, Russian tourists on some routes can listen to a tour of their native language.For example, the guide Robert says in Russian.So on his trips by rail (the program includes riding in a motor car and a visit to squat "Tsybulka", which still keep squatters), Russians will be able to seamlessly set the real experts in Prague any questions.

Articles Source: newsru.com