Can you give birth after cesarean itself?

Caesarean section - a move which many are forced to young mothers, and each of this has its good reasons.But if you gave birth to first child with the help of such an operation, does this mean that from now on natural childbirth - not for you?

There are many pregnant women, regretting that the first time they have not had the opportunity to give birth to himself, to go through this unique experience.

And those mothers who did caesarean under general anesthesia, often lament that they could not immediately see and hold her baby, and hope for the second time to catch up.

Earlier in Russia, indeed, it was not possible to give birth naturally after a Caesarean section, but in recent years much has changed.There were new hospital, advanced equipment, qualified personnel, and is now expecting mothers can choose the way in which to give birth after cesarean.

However, doctors are allowed to natural childbirth after surgery only subject to several conditions :

1. The most important thing - it good condition uterine scar , remaining after the caesarean.

2. No problems and pathologies , because of which the first time a woman was forced to the operation.

3. absence of chronic and other diseases , preventing natural childbirth.

4. correct position of the fetus and placenta attach to the back wall of the uterus, better closer to its bottom.

5. The approximate weight of the child must be no more than 3600 grams .

6. Mom must be configured correctly and positively on natural childbirth.

7. A woman should be prepared for the fact that during childbirth she not put epidural (because of the scar on the uterus) and will not stimulate it various drugs to birth was soft and held as naturally as possible.

8. That said, if the labors suddenly freeze, if there was a threat to the life or health of the baby or the mother, if not natural childbirth does not go as it should, or if the woman will not be able to endure the pain without epidural anesthesia, doctors will have to do againmaternity caesarean.

9. Woman in labor should be prepared for the fact that after giving birth to her under anesthesia manually explore the uterus , to check for any old sold seam.

10. Having given birth naturally after cesarean, a woman comes out of the hospital on the seventh day (of course, only if there are no complications) and additionally receive a legitimate hospital for another 16 days.