How to meet a real man for 24 hours?

Café sit two - man and woman - they quarrel.And reach a piece of the phrase: "And by the way, baby, Bruce Willis does not exist."

ponder here ... It is what it turns out, tough guys are not there, and the "Die Hard" for viewing only?Then why all this cinematic image?Somebody had to serve as an example and inspiration for such masterpieces as John McClane.

Meditate for a meeting with a man dreams, universal rescuer of all problems can be infinite.What if the clock to limit yourself?Imagine for motivating terrorists put forward conditions incompatible with life or relatives invited to the wedding, and go tomorrow.Urgently needs a hero!

How to meet this guy, where they are found and what to do with them?That's about it in detail.

Recognition on the basis of: characteristics make this guy on your own or download a private matter and Shtirlitsa ... - I wonder how such a man is responsible;

- stunned by his head, courage and resistance to stress;

- admire his wit and quick analysis of the situation;

- feel the power of his muscles, even if they are hidden under the belly;

- relax, it will not have to score the most cloves.

Introduction into the environment: include inner confidence and arrogance, stock binoculars, GPS navigator and ...

- to save time, just go to the personnel department of MOE inspection and demand profiles of bachelors;

- as a journalist to go to auto repair shops and conduct social survey on the topic "What are the similarities between the woman and the car";

- visit the construction market in high heels and a narrow skirt, ask someone to bring home a bag of Rotband, at the same time complain that it is time to do repairs in the apartment;

- visit the district at the district police station, ask him about the cute bullies, fighting over a girl or phone invincible uncle Stepan.

Attracting attention: sexy dress, her hair casually dismiss her shoulders, make-up and make delicious ...

- fill plaid string bag thundering heavy debris and dragged her through the city center;

- rent a car, stay on the highway, open the hood, studying the inner content, do not forget to take a spectacular position;

- in any weather to jump to a local body of water - sea, river, pond, fountain - and beautiful waving his arms, showing the wet clothes on the chest, cry for salvation;

- hire animators who will portray the bad guys, and play the scene with soliciting in some elite yard;

- promoter to work at the mall, organizing a tasting dumplings, canned food, Chinese noodles and other food for lonely men.

retention strategies: closely watch some militants scan superheroes and girlfriends ...

- forget about the criticism, only talk about its merits;

- thanks for actions, to appreciate all that he does;

- show their happiness and satisfaction;

- to respect his mother and his beloved football team;

- cook him a delicious lunch from the fact that he was able to get;

- to show the weakness of women's wisdom and inspire feats.

These guys do exist, they may even be close, give them a chance to be found by you.

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