Pseudophakic eyes - what is it?

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vision gives the man nor incomparable joy.Admiring evening dawns bright colors or shimmering turquoise sea surface, we get the necessary for each of us moments of happiness, of joy and peace.Imagine the power of positive emotions suddenly dries up due to the fact that the gray veil veiled eyes.More than that, we lose the ability to move normally and serve themselves.Therefore, to get rid of the problem, people do pseudophakia.Thanks to her, they again begin to live fully and without restriction.

pseudophakic eyes: what is it?

Many people ask this question when confronted with a problem, go to a consultation with an ophthalmologist.After all, doctors are advised to carry out a special procedure to save the patient from "mote in the eye."The consequence of a surgical intervention is pseudophakia eyes - is available in the visual organ of a new artificial lens.And the eye in which the implant, called pseudophakic.

Many are afraid of surgery, but there is no reason for this.Moreover, pseudophakia has several advantages over glasses.This method - intraocular correction - does not narrow the field of view and does not allow distortion of objects: retinal image formed normal value.Pseudophakia also helps get rid of glasses: wearing them already is not necessary.A person will be much more comfortable without the constant presence of glass eyes.Before you carry out surgery, you should consult with your doctor to weigh the pros and cons, and then take the right decision.


lens need replacing if the natural has been damaged by trauma.A person can also be diagnosed with a congenital defect.But the most common cause is cataract.During his illness just needed pseudophakia.What is the procedure in detail inform the ophthalmologist, although it is unlikely he will tell you about the primary source of the problem.It is still the best human minds are puzzled over why cataract.Someone claims that this hereditary disease, while others point to the old age, considering it the greatest risk factor.

Cataracts - a strong clouding of the lens that causes the fall of view.Under the microscope a spot shaped like a pointed star.If the treatment to tighten, clouded lens is sealed.He also takes up more space, and becomes the cause of ocular hypertension - develops glaucoma, dangerous and incurable disease.In this case, the loss of visual function is irreversible.

first symptoms

How can a person determine what it needs pseudophakia eyes?What it is?Undoubtedly, a verdict is issued by a qualified medical professional, he also describes the essence of the problem and ways of its elimination and possible consequences.Consult your doctor is when you feel even a slight reduction in vision, for example, before the eyes of "flying flies" or you see objects distorted.These symptoms may be the first swallows that will inspire you to time to seek help.

Remember that it is not necessary to tighten.If some people develop cataracts for years, then the other condition deteriorates within a few weeks.At the stage of "mature" problems people have virtually nothing sees only distinguish light from darkness.It is clear that at this stage, the patient will not help points: on the way lenses inevitably is unbreakable barrier - a cloudy lens, which is amenable to correction only surgically.You should also pay attention to the fact that no alternative medicine, no self-will not save from the disease.On the contrary, it can lead to deterioration and even numerous negative consequences.

Types lens

When did you realize that you need a full recovery pseudophakia right eye and his left neighbor, enjoy a choice of lens.After all, according to the principle of fixing and design of implants come in three types:

  • anterior chamber lens.Are located in the frontal part of the eye.Having direct contact with the iris and the cornea, they contribute to the emergence in the corner of the front of the camera body adhesions - adhesions.Therefore, they set extremely rare.
  • pupil lens.Embedded on the principle of the clips in the pupil, which are held by a special front and rear elements.
  • posterior chamber lens.Placed in a bag of the lens only after the core is removed.The most common medical use these implants.

Fold all doubts.Remember to completely get rid of the problem pseudophakia eyes.What is the usual procedure, which is easy to handle in any clinic, too, do not forget.Implanted artificial lens in the eye, you will regain alertness and acuity.

Manufacturing implant

It is clear that if you need pseudophakia both eyes, the book will have two lens.Artificial implants are made of hard or soft material.The first group includes leucosapphire and polymethylmethacrylate, the second - silicone, collagen, hydrogel copolymer.Of course, it is better to choose soft, since in this case is to determine a puncture in 2 millimeter incision simultaneously require much hard 12 mm.The choice is clear.

interesting, but one eye may put just two of the implant.In the case where the operated eye optics has become incompatible with the visual functions of the second body, then its complement using another lens with a diopter necessary.Synthetic implants may also be made in the form of a prism monofocal or multifocal be.In establishing the first person only sees distant objects for reading, for example, he has to use sunglasses.With monofocal patient may forget what a glass on his nose.


Now, I think you fully understand: pseudophakia eyes - what is it?First of all - this is a necessary measure, which will save you a vision, and will protect from the danger of glaucoma.Removing cloudy lens - the most common method of treatment.And the most effective.Previously, doctors extracted with extremely mature cataracts, so sought recovery of only 30-40%.Now, modern technology allows to detect the problem at an early stage - and a guarantee of return of 100% vigilance eyes.

Through the introduction of gentle techniques, modern surgical procedures are less traumatic.Typically, they occur without serious problems and do not cause complications.The gray veil falls instantly from the eyes.If after surgery developed farsightedness, then, as already mentioned, it is possible to implant a multifocal lens that is easy to solve the problem.When a person is happy with this state of affairs, he can buy contact lenses - in this case need monofocal artificial prosthesis.

Types of operations

pseudophakia left eye as the right to pass under a local anesthetic.Surgery to remove the lens and implantation of an artificial his "brother" is called implantation.It lasts about 40 minutes.Even very old people aged 80-90 years are able to move it without problems.Often, surgery is carried out simultaneously with the removal of cataracts.However, it may be a complication: sometimes the body rejects a foreign body, what is the implant.

There are other types of operations:

  1. Krioekstraktsiya cataracts.The problem is removed with special tool, chilled to minus 60 degrees.
  2. laser and ultrasonic phacoemulsification.Used in the early stages of the disease.Overseas operation is performed on an outpatient basis in our country - in the hospital, from which discharged on the fifth day after the procedure.

Sometimes after cataract surgery is formed again.In this case, carry out another surgery.