The first coffee house "Starbucks."

biography of the company - it is a success story, a vivid example of how to build a life and a job.Confucius said: "Choose a job to his liking, and you do not have to work a single day in their lives."Long ago, three friends who like coffee, did so.They have turned their hobby into a profession.A specific business concept shortstop had.What they do, rather it is called creative than strategy.And yet, the whole world will soon know about the coffee house under the original name "Starbucks".

How it all began

So, three young men (two teachers - of history and English language and writer), who had known each other for university studies, came up with an idea.Who was the initiator - Jerry Baldwin, Gordon Bowker and Zev Sigl - it does not matter.Since everyone loved the coffee, the idea was simple: open a shop selling drinks beans.But we needed the money.The guys chipped in $ 1,350 each.Yes, even took five thousand.It was enough to September 30, 1971 a shop opened its doors to all comers.

You ask, what state were coffee "Starbucks"?The answer: it's Washington, Seattle.

And one more thing.Enthusiasts inspired by Alfred Peet such a feat - the entrepreneur, who once in a special fried grains and taught the boys.They lit up the plans to sell coffee in the secret recipe.

What do you call a boat ...

Seattle - the largest center in the northwest United States and the largest seaport.So, thinking about the name of their future offspring - coffee "Starbucks", the founders decided on behalf of mate whaling ship of the famous book "Moby Dick."His name was Starbucks.

cast and the logo.We decided to take the image of a siren (the mermaid).Color images have preferred brown.In the late '80s and early' 90s it was changed to green.The tail is slightly shortened.Breast girl hid hair flying in the wind.Stars added between words.

Finally, located in the center of the face of the mermaid.Faded green bezel, "extinguished" star.The color of the logo has become much lighter.

So coffee "Starbucks" appeared on the streets of the city.Initially, the company only sold coffee beans in Seattle, but the drink itself is not cooked.Is that a little bit.Gave try wishing for advertising purposes, and it has played a role.

equipment of new things learned from A. Friend Pete and expanded.By 1981, already worked five stores.There was also a mini-factory for roasting coffee and a department that its products come from local bars and restaurants.

And then the network has moved beyond Seattle.Branches were in Chicago and Vancouver.

The next step was the start of trade in goods by mail.To do this, the catalog was compiled.Now you know what state were coffee "Starbucks."Soon new establishments have opened in 33 locations in different parts of the United States.And all thanks to the printed register.

incredible fact: in the 90 company "Starbucks" opened new stores.It happens almost every time!The company managed to keep such a frantic pace until the 2000s.

today for Americans there is no question about what state coffee "Starbucks" are?Where you can enjoy excellent coffee break?After all these places are everywhere!

New markets

And in 1996, the company reached a new level: the first coffee house "Starbucks" appeared for many kilometers from the United States - in Tokyo (Japan).After Japan opened 56 outlets in the UK.Very soon coffee "Starbucks" appeared in Mexico.Now they have 250 in Mexico alone - about one hundred institutions.

Today coffee chain "Starbucks" is very large.All addresses are not listed.You can call only countries where data are available places, and then some.It Switzerland, India, Denmark, Germany, South Africa, Poland, Hungary, China, Vietnam, Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Portugal, Sweden, Algeria, Egypt, Morocco, Norway, France, Colombia, Bolivia.

And in Norway, the first platform for coffee "Starbucks" Select airport in Oslo.In Beijing, it is prescribed in the international departures hall of the aircraft.In some places, these places located in the hotel, for example, in South Africa.

But this is not the end!In the past, in 2014, the company "Starbucks" "gave" six of its coffee houses Columbia and four - Hanoi.More than ten institutions will be in Bogota in 2015. The same year, it is scheduled to open similar cafes in Panama.

in the park, on the ship and on the islands

and Disneyland, and in different countries you will find places "Starbucks."The coming 2015 is very pleased many coffee lovers.Here's why: restless company "Starbucks" is now inviting drink flavored drink in the islands in the English Channel.

Moreover, zealous kofetorgovtsy managed to adapt to fit your purpose even ship!This happened in 2010.The first store is located on board the cruise ship Allure of the Seas, built in shipyards in Finland.As it is the second largest in the world.

And in Russia, too

Managers of the company have long glances towards the inexhaustible market of Russia.And the fall of 2007 there were still coffee "Starbucks" in Moscow (in one large shopping center).Very quickly, residents of the capital have appreciated this restaurant, and it was decided to open several more branches.

In 2012, the "Starbucks" and has spoken in the northern capital - St. Petersburg.On Seaside Avenue (to the mall) anywhere in a hurry to lovers of flavored beverage and drink it, and praise.

99 coffee houses operating in Russia today.Of these, 71 - in the capital, ten - in St. Petersburg.Also, they are in Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-Don and other cities.

Chips do their work

Those who attend these places, never ceases to amaze the art of marketing executives.And then all involved in the complex.

impressive biography of the company.It reflects a long way from the time when the coffee "Starbucks" appeared in Washington - from the tiny shop to the world's largest business empire.

Fans love to visit these institutions not only because of the excellent quality of drinks, but also thanks to an incredibly attractive atmosphere.Thus, the interior of the first coffee has not changed in 40 years.There remain traditions.And customers enjoy coffee, though are in a peculiar museum "Starbucks."

Here's another example.All coffeehouses world while playing the same melody.And in a paper cup from above pull corrugated cardboard ring: it allows customers to not burn your hands.

And that there is a rich menu!This coffee of different types (including seasonal).There is also a lot of syrups, teas, light salads and, of course, a huge number of desserts.

Do not forget about the famous Thermocup, which can be purchased as a souvenir along with brand cups and glasses.

care about the environment

A few years ago the company launched a program called "Earth to your garden."The leaders of the empire decided that their business should be environmentally friendly.The spent coffee grounds were sold to everyone who has a farm.After all, it can be used for compost.

then "Starbucks" has made another step worthy of emulation.The company began producing paper towels and garbage bags smaller.This approach entails a saving of natural resources.

next stage - the recycling of its own production.In the manufacture of cups for beverages we started to use a portion of recycled paper - only 10 percent.Some would say that it is very small.However, on the results of "Starbucks" was honored with the idea for such a National Award.

Never stand still

in conservative and unwilling to change something coffee "Starbucks" can not be reproached.So that neither the year, the company pleases us another innovation.

So, in 2008, the line was launched - Skinny (translated as "skinny").Customers are offered unsweetened (no sugar) and low-calorie drinks - skim milk.Everyone could order what he wants from a set of sweet natural products - brown sugar, honey or syrup.

In 2009, customers have offered another innovation - is coffee, but in the bag.And the quality was so high that many people could not understand: a drink of instant or freshly brewed?

After a time the visitors were surprised again a unique innovation.This time it was the maximum size of a cup - a volume of 31 oz.

After some time, the company once again pleased their loyal customers, this time an interesting machine.She gave out coffee.It is packed in cups of thin plastic with milk - Latte.

In 2012 coffee menu "Starbucks" joined-ice drinks fresheners.They contain the extract of green beans (arabica).They also include fruit flavors, and, of course, caffeine.This product has become widely known.People like her "strong taste - without the coffee aroma."

In 2013, a new era - sales through mobile platform Twitter.A year later earned a production of its own line of carbonated drinks, so-called "hand-made".You can find them for sale under the name Fizzio.

leaders in everything and always

In 2013, the company "Starbucks" is among those companies and organizations that have been recognized as the best employers in the world.Fortune magazine has included the coffee business in the honorary list of the hundred leading enterprises.

such organization has achieved success thanks to a very sound and fair remuneration system.Firstly, the publication noted allowance for overtime.Secondly, the fact of the constant growth of wages regardless of the state of the global economy.Each employee "Starbucks" can really build a successful career in the company and go from the usual bartender to top manager.