The structure of the lion pride.

This predator stands out from the other cats.Unlike their closest relatives in the pride lions live and cooperate with each other.This family has its own structure and follows certain rules.

structure lion pride

Pride - a group of lions, which is several females and one or two males.Sometimes, the family consists only of females.Sometimes a full pack can total 40 goals.But usually much less.

all live on the same territory, the size of which depends largely on the number of goals at home and the amount of food.On average, it takes 50 square's Pride - a structure in which each animal occupies its position.Animals that live in the savannah, from one generation to adhere to certain rules.Males guard the territory of the pride of hyenas, cheetahs and other predators.The females go hunting, providing the whole family.But some community lions who live in other parts of the Earth, can have a very different structure.Every beast of himself gets food, and they gather in flocks only during the rut.

Kings Pride

Each pack has a leader.If the family only females, then their leader was killed.The leader can challenge a young lion to take his position.At this moment there is a fight.Typically, leaders are held only three years before being overthrown stronger lions.In such families, females spend their entire lives, but the males growing up in time (two years later) leave the pack.Two brothers can live together forever."Friends" are looking for a new pride in which some of them trying to take the place of the leader.


Pride - a place where cubs can appear at any time of the year.To do this a couple of moves away from the rest of the family at a distance.When he returned, female bears kids about 100 days.For birth cat chooses a secluded spot, often in the bushes.Typically, the light appears 3-5 kittens.Up to a certain time mother takes care of their own offspring, but she does not lose connection with Pride, calling him roar.Six weeks later, she introduces the cubs with their family.Patronize kids all members of the pack, and it's really important, because fragile kittens have a lot of enemies, from which only able to protect the pride.Heads or ravenous beast can steal and devour children.

Family life

In the hot afternoon hours the family prefers to rest.After eating all the inhabitants of the rest of the pack in one place.Pride - a convenient structure on which all members remain in the win.Females are protected, fed males.Interestingly, the Lions dominated competently in their possessions.All the animals that are on the territory of pride to belong only to him.But while the Lions never kill an animal unnecessary.They clearly know how much they need to feed themselves.They also control the fertility of offspring.If eating enough can lead lions kittens more often if the surrounding hunger, they will not bring the kids.

On the hunt

Lion Pride knows how much you need food to feed themselves.For example, for a family of four cats in a week is enough to catch a zebra.Later in the afternoon begin hunting lioness.Surprisingly, zebras and other ungulates feel that predators gathered "dinner."After all, when just resting lions, animals do not run away from them, and quietly graze.Cat makes a lot of roar to cause the production of panic.Frightened hoofed animals flee from danger, falling into the hands of other members of the pride that lurked on the other side of the clearing.Typically, the entire hunting guides old predator that stands apart, giving barely audible sounds of his friends.But sometimes even such clever tricks can not succeed, because ungulates different agility and speed.

Lion Roar

Those who have heard the growl of a lion, understand how exciting it is and at the same time terrifying phenomenon.At night, the powerful sound can be heard at a distance of 8 kilometers.But why lions roar?Pride - a family in which all members not only work together but also to communicate, provide signals to each other.Since they can maintain their social connection.It is important that the distance over which they can submit to each other sound, "warning", much more than the human ear can hear.Leo always puts his roar sense.In addition, the sound is produced both males and females.But the lioness sounds a little weaker and more tone.

Also lions are not always together, they can wander through its territory.On the borders of a predator often meets prides enemy, and if he does not recognize a stranger's roar, it will be caught by surprise.Lions from another family can tear a stranger to death.Therefore, for the roar of a predator it is vital.Lions can inform their sounds that this territory is occupied and guarded.Thanks to this young, immature solitary males can safely wait time of loneliness and the formation and to avoid clashes with the dominant lion formed pride.