Beauty Glossary: ​​Cellulite

cellulite ("orange peel") - a kind of cosmetic skin defect caused by uneven deposition of subcutaneous fat.

Cellulitis appears as a bumpy, not smooth leather, reminiscent of orange peel.It starts, as a rule, on the thighs, then appears on the abdomen and waist - wherever there is fat deposition.

Cellulite causes no pain and has no effect on health.It just creates problems with the beauty.The predisposition to cellulite undoubtedly inherited and determined by the general hormonal background.Most often, this defect is found in women who are in their hormone structure have a particularly feminine forms.

responsible for this hormone estrogen controls not only the distribution of fat cells, but also makes the connective tissue soft and weak, so that when an appropriate diet fat cells are free to spread and grow.However, a slim figure can not insure against the appearance of "orange peel", because it can develop after ingestion of improperly selected contraceptive pills.

In addition, all that hinders th

e body's water metabolism and metabolism, promotes cellulite.The more pronounced the excess weight, the more likely and the more commonly expressed and cellulite.With age, the appearance of cellulite is generally improved.Another factor contributing to the strengthening of cellulite - is repeated weight fluctuations.Another component of manifestation or appearance of cellulite - the skin tone.

From the foregoing, it is clear what should be done to the appearance of cellulite diminished or even gone.

Proper nutrition. special diet for cellulite does not exist.Effectiveness of all with excess weight and cellulite radically restructure the apparent power: instead of meat is, lean fish and poultry, to prepare as possible, without salt and cream sauce, eat more fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat milk to drink.If you can not stick to rigid eating plan, we must at least avoid everything that favors cellulite.It:
• animal fats, particularly in sausages and pates, meat and fat cheese
• refined sugar, as well as pastries, cakes and all other kinds of sweets
• salt, sausage, smoked, salted.If your food little salt in the tissues is delayed significantly less water
• alcohol, especially in combination with sugar - such as aperitifs and cocktails,
• nicotine.It hampers the access of oxygen to the cells and prevents the metabolism in tissues of affected cellulite.

Movement and Sports particularly important because of the places, where a muscle is displaced fat.The skin becomes more elastic, because it is above the muscle is stretched more smoothly than on fat.The movement also improves blood circulation, stimulates lymph flow and thereby clearing the body of toxins.

Massage. Fabrics affected by cellulite, it is desirable to mass every day, because the massage excites blood circulation and metabolism.Very good massage brush or stiff mitt.Many women like electrical massage devices: they can be run longer and chances of success are increased.It is recommended to use such a device 5-10 minutes per day.Warning: If there is a red prozhilochek skin, varicose veins and thrombosis of any electric massage devices, no manual can not be used.

Creams. In this case the secondary, which means it is rubbed.The main thing is that this will inevitably do some massage.Therefore, many anti-cellulite products is offered with a manual massage instruments.But in any case, one should not expect that will give way under the influence of cellulite alone creams.

Water Treatments .Douches improves blood circulation and makes the skin supple.Completing the procedure is better in cold water.Sauna also promotes good training of the walls of blood vessels and connective tissue, if it regularly attend weekly.Important: propotev, pour cold water.Also recommended for cellulite invigorating bath.

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