Winter wardrobe in order: Gel for washing delicate woolen clothes

With the onset of the cold season, we have to forget about flying translucent dresses that emphasized the attractiveness of our summer.But are replaced by no less feminine and fashionable woolen dresses, sweaters and cardigans that are the foundation of the winter wardrobe, and are ideal for comfort, but at the same time very elegant and a little mysterious images.With this statement could not agree more bright and talented singer Valeria, who knows how to be attractive and feminine, even in the cold season.

┬źneed to be attractive not only to the holiday party, but also at any other time.When you stylish outfit, which emphasizes the dignity of all shapes, you feel like a queen.In winter I like to wear dresses, sweaters and cardigans made of wool and cashmere.They are perfectly combined with other things of my wardrobe, so I can every day to look different, "- says Valery.

Sometimes, care and concern for the feminine woolen dresses and cashmere sweaters takes a lot of time and effort.After the wool has a "capricious" and require particularly careful care.

That is why competent care relevant in this season woolen dress is no less important than the correct color and style.Laundry conventional powder or shampoo, towel-drying - all these efforts do not provide gentle care of your favorite things, and as a result they are stretched or sit down, losing shape.Therefore, for washing clothes of wool so it is important to choose the right tool, such as a gel for delicate washing Dreft Wool.

Dreft Wool - is a simple and effective way to care for woolen things, because it is 100% designed for the protection of uniforms of wool and delicate fabrics.Now, to your favorite woolen dress looked like new, it suffices to establish the washing machine on a normal mode "washing wool and delicate fabrics" and wash it at 30 degrees, replace conventional laundry detergent to wash delicate gel coat Dreft.

With Dreft fashion woolen things will look great even after several washings, which means you can enjoy the magical feeling of their femininity and attractiveness!