How to make money on the game?

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Probably each of us at heart wanted to find a career that would allow an opportunity to combine work and favorite activity.For example, I like to paint in their spare time, their activities.Why not to look for jobs that require artistic skills ?!Either you love to do origami.Such skills could be useful in any advertising campaign, etc.But the main thing that most interests today make it possible to build a career without leaving home.Thus, it is possible to earn a game on your computer or mobile device.How is it done?

How to make money by selling virtual currency?

Experience shows that you can earn income on almost any online gaming (including free).At the same time various gamers have their secrets earnings, one of which is the sale of virtual currency.Recall that in almost all gaming applications have the option of receiving the money.

Small painted gold coins accrue to each player to perform certain actions.For example, double-pitched block in Tetris, received 10 coins.In some types of consoles provided cash bonuses for daily visits to the game, and for each new guest players.As a result, these coins can then be spent on the purchase of seeds, equipment, such as in the "farm", "pump" their characters, buy weapons, etc.

Few people know that these virtual coins let you make money on the game.In other words, not real money, you can sell quickly for real.For example, this is done in the game WoW (World of Warcraft).Approximate prices for 200 coins - 160 rubles.Thus, you can sell your gold coins, such as an online store or by placing ads on the forums for the players.In addition to its selling and "foreign" gold purchased from other sellers at a low price.Accordingly, the difference in cost will allow you to get fat.Similar manipulations can be performed on earnings and crystals.

of the gaming paraphernalia

to Make the game as follows: selling at a premium required for user materials, parts and other attributes.For example, many games for one or other material necessary to make a certain amount of real money.In order to save money on this, many gamers simply buy up the right things "with it."

But the cost of such products should not be higher than required by the game.You can also buy and resell the keys and payment cards.However, for this you need a formal platform online store, or the presence of "rating" account on such a resource as, the account if he'll end up tired, you can sell.

«Bleeding" characters for computer games

Alternatively, you can earn extra money on the "bleeding" of foreign-made characters.In this case, it is able to make money on the game without attachments.The main thing is you should have some experience in such events.Besides, there are two options:

  • pass all levels and "pump" character from scratch himself;
  • ready to buy character cheaper and selling it more expensive.

Prices in this case will depend on the level of "pumping" of the hero, as well as existing in his "dowry" (weapons, clothing, vehicles).For example, a character from WoW - Death Knight 55-80 with a "pumping" up to 70-80 level - would cost to everyone from 3300 rubles.

sale of characters and weapons ammunition at auctions

If you do not know how to make money in the game, pay attention to the theme auctions and forums.Unlike previous versions it is where you can sell their "pump" character, accompanying military uniforms and other accessories at an attractive price.The cost of some types of items capable of up to several thousand euros.The main advantage - the possibility for one game to sell all of their virtual goods, and buy new and resell with a nice margin.

Create review for gaming applications

Another option how to make money in the games is to write reviews on the game application.Are you passionate about virtual worlds and want to share your "chips" to other users on the network?Then writing reviews based on your favorite applications - what you need!This is done in the following way: first created a video or written article on the passage or the general principle of the game, then your materials are sold subject gaming sites.

Similarly, you can make on your own blog.That is, you create a site, and it spread the text or overview videos games.However, in this case, the first to earn money you can not at once as a resource yet to unleash.And then, handing the free online ad space, you can earn.


Earn on the game you can be engaged in the testing of new game applications.In this case, the company-employer pays you for what you enjoy a particular development.Here it is necessary to evaluate a test console according to certain criteria, to pay attention to the quality of the graphics, sound and other features.

Which games have real earnings?

If you want to get real money for work on consoles, you must first select the game where you can earn.Among the best options for the following:

  • «The Seventh Element".
  • «Dragonica".
  • Blood & amp;Soul.
  • Karos Online.
  • Forsaken World.
  • EvE.
  • Lineage 2.
  • «War of Empires."
  • «Might and Magic: Heroes of the kingdom."
  • My Lands.
  • Deepolis.
  • Camage.
  • Battlestar Galactica Online and others.

Is it possible to make money on online poker?

Another way to fill your purse real crisp bills - make money on the game of poker.Is it difficult to do this?In most cases, play poker and win - these are two different concepts.In order to make the process bring impressive profits, it is necessary not just to have the experience, but also to know about the existing strategies of winning.For example, in the process of choosing the party is better to give preference to the game, which has provided hundreds of thousands of "hand played out."

If we talk about how much you can earn on a poker game, everything will depend on the number of games played, the amount of the prize, was at stake, that time spent in the game, from the established limit, etc.For example, if your game is Limit 2/4 $, and the party itself is designed for about 100 "raked hands", the winnings will be equal to an average of $ 16.Playing the game of 1000 "hands" really get from $ 160 per day and $ 4,800 per month.

Besides money playing poker, you can earn special incentive bonuses in the form of discounts on certain products in the form of "online-ticket" (gives the opportunity to participate in various game tournaments), etc.

In this case, you must understand that this is a difficult game.How to make a lot of money here?Simple question.Be careful!This kind of earnings requires a certain amount of investment.

Another interesting way

While playing roulette you can also earn a certain amount of money.Although this process involves the introduction of start-up capital for the "acceleration" in many online casinos, each user can take advantage of a bonus or virtual money which initially fall to the account during registration.

not know how to make money on the games in the casino?You can always resort to the proven method called the Martingale system.Acting on this principle, you must do the following: put the money, for example, in the red.If your bet is winning, the next change color.In that case, if the bet is lost, it is necessary to put on the same color, doubling the original amount.The minimum bet amount - $ 1 and the maximum depends on the limit set by the casino.

Often, such a system does not allow gamers to stop in time.So, after a series of losses they begin to increase the amount of the bet, but in 90% of cases squander every penny.In addition, each player can earn in the game of roulette bonus.For example, the casino "Volcano" makes every kind of player cash birthday - puts into the account $ 30.

Note!You can not rely on pure luck, or any system of winnings by 100%.The most common variety of training tips in the style of "How to make money on the games in the casino?" Organize themselves online casino.

therefore increasingly earn at roulette it is the representatives of such sites.Also, sometimes dishonest casino without explanation simply block your win or refuse to issue, referring to any violation of the rules.

Is it possible to make a profit playing online in the fool?

Lovers card can earn on playing the fool.For example, to make it real or CardFood Foolgame and other such resources, if necessary, passed registration.

What are the characteristics of this income?First, here, as in a casino, the high risk of loss.Secondly, even if you win, for example, ten dollars, you can get (excluding commissions) are only eight.And finally, the winnings will be limited by the limits of the site.Of the benefits - bonuses and money to the account in the registration part in various tournaments to improve rankings, promotions and prizes.

How to make money fast on the links?

most secure income without investment is to attract referrals to the casino site and other Web resources, where there is any gambling and paid apps character.The system of this type of money making is simple: you place a link to a personal number on your website, blog, social network page in the on board classified ads.Furthermore interested user clicks on the link left, and you get a long-awaited reward in the form of lump sum.On the subsequent registration of a new user and are active in the gameplay you will have an additional percentage of revenues site casino.Such fees range from 10 to 25%.

In short, the options for earning at the games on the Internet a lot.However, choosing one or another way of getting money, pay attention to reputation and resources of the casino games, read reviews and comments from users, and carefully study the conditions for participation in a particular program.Monitor the situation and do not succumb to the alluring advertising appeals, as well as restrain the instinct of a gambler.