We are figuring out what to eat to had a lot of milk

All moms know what's best for the newborn baby - a breastfeeding.But what if you do not have enough milk?How to maintain and even increase lactation, without taking the baby with artificial milk formula?

First Steps

care about is that there is a lot of milk, and mother should from the birth of her baby.The first thing that is important: immediately after birth crumbs must attach to the mother's breast, even if only a little, but the baby will pull food.Thus begins the process of establishing lactation, which may take even a few months.To milk arrived, the woman should be as often as possible to give your child the breast.And you can never feed the crumbs from the nipple, so he can just grow lazy and refuse to pull the milk of a woman's breasts.


is also important from the child's birth mother to watch your diet.At first, you need to give up all junk food, eat light soups, purees, eliminate fast food.It is also important to remember those foods that can cause colic in a child: carbonated beverages, onions, beans, fruits such as grapes and pears.From their baby may become swollen, and he just does not want next time to take the breast.So long lactation come to naught.About

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majority of women, figuring there to milk was much, can hear the recommendation that it is necessary to eat milk and milk products.This is a myth.From that, how many women will consume such foods, the amount of milk will not change.Moreover, breastfeeding and pregnant women are not recommended to drink unboiled whole cow's milk.

General recommendations

Often women may wonder what there is to milk were many.If you take in general, there is nothing supernatural.It is only necessary to eat.Mom should eat foods that contain vitamins different groups, filling your body and baby's body beneficial trace elements.Also, food should be quite varied, and then my mother's milk will be more than enough.

particular product

You could also try to figure out on their own, that is, to the milk was much, because every body is different.For example, one mother will need to eat meat for a good lactation, and the other required daily dose of a walnut.It can be detected by conventional sampling, observe the effect of lactation on the consumption of a product.

tea and sweets

most common recommendation, that is, to the milk was much will the consumption of tea and eating sweets.A certain amount of truth in this.After the sweet carbohydrate replacement in women who consumed so quickly.A warm fluid trapped in the body for a few minutes before feeding and activates the hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for improving the well-lactation and does its thing.


also make it more milk the mother can buy in a drugstore special funds, which are designed to improve lactation.This may be certain vitamins, teas for improving lactation.It should be noted that they are very effective and help to enhanced milk production.