Intuition, which we lost

What is "intuition"?Like, everyone understands - and go and explain!In the approximate sense - perception of truth without logical justification.Perhaps from time to time each caught myself thinking that the unexplained and vague premonitions come sometimes very time.Even if at first they seem to be folly, which is not credible.However, later we find out that it was the "bells."Location?Who gives us a clue?Or is it just a reaction to a dangerous situation?

Whose voice?

Psychologists say intuition - not a rare gift from above, it is everyone, but not everyone can use it.Few people are able to hear your inner voice and to trust him.

Yes, everyone knows that there is a common information field of the Earth, where it is stored as a library, the entire volume of space knowledge.And when a person is able to pick up subtle cues from there, he wins in any of the difficult situation.Moreover, this "archive of wisdom" is much more likely to receive information of our ancestors.And much less we use them.Why is that?

Thousands of years ago without intuition man simply would not have survived.Those who do not have well-developed sixth sense, had little chance to feed themselves and their families, loved ones and keep the enemies to defeat.Development of intelligence choked our intuition, we have lost the ability to anticipate, to anticipate.Alas, this is a tribute to science.Victim, which we have brought the development of civilization.Yet some of us have retained the ability to "communicate" with space to archive data.And you know what a paradox?This gift was not preserved the most intelligent, people with a well-developed intellect are usually deny the existence of a sixth sense.Such "materialists" approximately twenty-five percent.Much more skeptics - those who are faced with the manifestation of intuition, but in his ability to doubt this.Such people are the majority - psychologists say: seventy percent.

And only about five percent know exactly what the sixth sense is - and actively use it.Most often it is the creative people.After all, artistic activity develops the right hemisphere of the brain, responsible, in particular, and for intuition.

simple and complex

But do not simplify.Intuition is not "choose from two options right", although in this sixth sense is fully capable to help us.But the main thing - to be able to find a way out of difficult situation.To feel, what not to do, or vice versa - in any moment to act.The signal on each individual feel: someone starts the heart beat faster, some feel the cold in the solar plexus, the other just to hear his voice.Let's say there is ample evidence that the guardian angel, let's call it so, someone warned against the danger: it loved to tell Pushkin and Zola, Churchill and Piaf ...

Scientists from the US have described the precise mechanisms of the "origin" of intuition andIt is concluded that it is necessary to listen to the inner voice is necessary.The researchers said, is that we believe the sixth sense, unconscious memories.They put such experiences: volunteers showed vivid images, replacing them pretty quickly.Half of the subjects tried to remember pictures, and while watching the second half of deliberately distracted.After some time, scientists have shown once again the participants of the experiment image by offering to choose the ones they had seen before.The paradox lies in the fact that people are increasingly recognized those pictures from the memory which they distracted.That is, the storage system in our brain works regardless of whether we intentionally try anything to "put."

Question confidence

trust their instincts - a difficult skill.But it is necessary to listen.It is a scientifically proven fact: the signals we are getting from your brain is.And he's not wrong - unlike us.That is, if we do not misinforming.Here

remember how you get to know the person.Is not it usually lasts a minute or two to create a psychological profile?Because in this situation, we do not have the information - and just have to listen to your inner voice ...

Many times, millions of people are convinced: to obey the inner voice is helpful.My own mother once refused from traveling abroad because he felt anxiety and palpitations.I passed a plane ticket - and avoid disaster.Winston Churchill once sat in his usual seat in the car - a minute later a bomb exploded near.The shock wave that part of the mangled car, which had to put the prime minister.In his memoirs, he wrote that he heard a voice that uttered the word "Stop!".And if you think about it, think of not one or two occasions when such a voice was saying something to you.You shrugged ... Sixth Sense - is the messenger of misfortune, and two hundred, five hundred, and even more so, a thousand years ago, people were able to receive and decrypt the signals.Then we have taken a great interest in science.It replaces our intuitive knowledge that we have come to believe in it more than you.When we warn subliminal stimuli, today we do not notice them - our brain reacts to tougher signals: flashing light points in gadgets to the endless sounds of the street screaming, humming machines, instruments ... And the "foreboding" speak to us in a whisper.They come like a dream, like a memory - on tiptoe ...

Train insights into

Russian physiologists put this experience: people showed unpleasant pictures - snakes, spiders, accident ... And notice, by measuring the pressure of the subjects thatIt raises two seconds before the occurrence of annoying pictures.That is, the body reacts to the unpleasant factors before them recognizes.Roughly speaking, a premonition of them!

And here there is no voodoo.Scientist scientist Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev, when my wife and I discussed some problem, always asked her to make the first thought that came into her head: so only you can get the right solution.In the memoirs of many scientists you will find similar recognition: it is a sixth sense helped make their discovery.

But what it seems to have bet - that intuition is more inherent to women, as logic - men.Alas, it is not.The stronger sex, and here shows the best result: his intuitive abilities above.However, whether they are natural, innate or men simply their train - the question.Yes, the train, I misspoke.Scientists say that is quite rare that a person is born with talent.Typically, intuition - the result of careful development.How do you train your muscles, so you can definitely do gymnastics for intuition.So that's what we call "My gut" - is a form of unconscious reasoning, however boring it may sound.It is the ability of our brain to collect, organize and store information.

developing the talent to memorize, collecting images, behaviors, events, causes, results, recurring situations, we are creating a strategic reserve - logical groups, which can then use in dealing with similar problems.That is, we may not be aware that using the template information stored in the brain, but we proceed with the right - as they say, without thinking.And those who see us in those moments, admire our intuition.

If you become engaged in the development of the sixth sense consciously, gradually realize that the quiet "inside" voice is almost always involved in decision-making.Mental insight that helped our ancestors to survive, and for you to become an effective tool for success.

for intuition are millions of years of evolution.A scientific knowledge pushed her some 500-600 years ago.Our intellect has not yet had time to kill the ability to sensory cognition.We are proud to have learned to control their emotions by reason, and what's the pride?Just being free, our senses can give us a rare gift of clairvoyance, prediction, intuition ...

Mikhail Suvorov

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