It's time to buy diapers or Why dream girl pregnant?

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Many people believe that the origin and development of the new life does not promise any bad dream or reality.This event should be happy to give up hope.And what dream girl pregnant?Should we interpret the story itself apart?Why did he appear in the dreams of men and women, young or old?Let's face it.

Define some concepts

should start with what is more or less faithful interpretation does not arise out of nowhere.They, of course, take into account the technological development of society, but for the most part based on traditional concepts, do not change for centuries.This should be considered when you wish to understand what dreams of pregnant women.The subtlety of this story lies very serious.For example, who is a "girl"?In the old days such a plot would mean the emergence of life in the belly of immaculate virgins.Today attitudes have changed.But it left some female division.Means, married a beauty or not.That is, if you are wondering about what dreaming pregnant woman, the person appearing in it, as a rule, have not build their own families.Otherwise, it will be a woman, regardless of age.Something like this should philosophize before starting decoding of astral events.But we will not talk for a long time, move on to the study of dream-books worthy of attention.That is, sources that incorporate the wisdom of peoples and generations.Repellent also become subjects of sex and "spectator".

What dreams pregnant women to men

This is truly a happy way for any son of Adam, regardless of age and experience.It is designed to prepare the individual to new excellent prospects, incredible turns and ups.Most often, such a vision is not there for those men who worry about their girlfriends.On the contrary, the sign is characteristic of the activity of the person, a kind of revolutionary in the best sense of the word.It should be understood, stresses dream book.Pregnant girl dreams to those who bears a very promising idea or soon will be selected for its realization.The image says that the man on the right track.It is necessary to make efforts to implement their plan.Do not give up, go for it!But if a pregnant woman is sick or lose the fruit, you should take care of the security of their offspring.This is a dream-warning.Treat it with all responsibility and seriousness.

say that the dream woman?

Here we draw springs not so rosy picture.Women are not always trying to convey the image of glad tidings.Although it is generally accepted that a married lady dream predicts a profit.Quite another thing - the girls.He should worry about his own reputation, if they met with astral narozhdёnnym fruit.If a girl dreams that she is pregnant, to know the behavior of its "spiraled out of control" of the mind.Regain your prudence, which is based on the norms of modesty and decency.Otherwise you'll have to repent and cry bitterly.No maid, who saw such a dream, can not save except her own.She should think about what caused her actions, whether those people it is aimed not keen on any false values.


bad when pregnant being kicked out of the house.You know, before this happened, they say, "in the lap brought."This is the plot does not promise good to anyone.The boy dreaming pregnant woman, were persecuted by the relatives, difficulties in work or study.Looks like he was fascinated by entertainment at the expense of duty.After such a dream is an urgent need to return to the unfinished work, in order to have time to fix everything.Subconscious mind in this case acts as a controller.It tries to tell a guy that his creativity deserve to implementation and confidence.The woman is the plot carries the information of imminent troubles, small and exhausting.We need to gather strength and to overcome this difficult period.Scandals pregnant - to the surprise.

predictions concerning cases of heart

There are some commentators who believe that pregnancy is a harbinger of a pleasant surprise.For example, if a woman sees herself in the position, you can get a completely unexpected gift of fate.It is not necessarily physical, but certainly greatly rejoice.So the dream can be interpreted only in the case when he left a good impression.The girl described by way of introduction to the probable promises her husband.It is worth paying attention to new fans and admirers.Men dream of a pregnant woman facing a serious turning point in the affairs of the heart.It should be seen as a sign of the birth of a new love (or upgrade old).If such a knight worrying about reciprocity or cold heart ladies, it's time to leave doubts.You are loved and respected.Young guys this story says that he was seriously in love.

direct interpretation

Can a pregnancy in a dream to be a reflection of the imminent appearance of a new life?So the question people often ask.The answer to that lies in the soul of the one who asks.Most often, the mother daughters see such dreams in relation to their children.That is not the astral plane takes them a hint, and direct information.She says that it is time to learn to knit booties for the grandchildren.Young women in pregnancy dream fish.Although the fruit in the tummy can reflect the near future.These are not included in the interpretation of the dream books, as there was a natural.There are only isolated cases of such prophetic images.Rarer still is to think about the real men girlfriends pregnancy.As a rule, before the happy news they dream of something else, geranium, for example.