How not to suffer from fraud on the train: 5 important tips

Soon May holidays - it's time to go to warmer climes.If you have to travel by train - not in a hurry to enjoy the upcoming trip.Remember that there is a high risk of stumbling in the scam.Be careful, or you might be left without tickets, money and luggage.Here are the most common fraud schemes and advice on how to escape from:

1. If you can not buy a train ticket, never settle for assistance "intermediaries", offering to help you buy a ticket, "an acquaintance", but with an additional charge.Leaving the "mediator" money and passport, you'll never not see them.

2. Tickets must be checked conductors only after the departure of the train.And they should check the same guide who showed you a ticket from the car.If for 10-15 minutes before you attempt to verify the ticket to someone else, have to present a certificate.These crooks pass tickets back to the cashier, playing missed the train.

3. The most common method of fraud in trains - card cheating.Bored traveler looking for teammates for playing cards.Once the two are found wanting, at once, a second dummy player declares that wants to play, but can badly."Bored," a man promises to teach him.First, until the game comes without money or a small bet, win passengers.But once the excitement has its rates and begin to grow - a prize goes to two swindlers.

Even if you manage to uncover fraud, to get back the money will be difficult.After all, in the vestibule, as a rule, "smoke" broad-shouldered companions swindlers.

4. The train to another country, the fraudsters can earn one currency exchange.Moneychangers abut the fact that they have a more favorable rate than banks and exchange offices.But on arrival, you may find that in actual fact you have to have 2-3 times more money than expected.

Fraudsters can introduce themselves and traders or passengers who urgently needs to exchange money.But as soon as your money will be in their hands, it turns out that the ruble is not suitable, you need currency.The money will be returned to you immediately.But strangely 100-200 rubles disappear.

5. Be wary accept treats from strangers for travel, and it is better to refuse.In food, vodka or a tea can be a fair dose of sleeping pills.

If you fall for the tricks of swindlers, or left without things, immediately contact the conductor, the contact with the police.If the train did not stop to catch the criminals most likely fail.

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