Work organization: types of working hours, days and more

Labour law regulates the relations that arise between company executives and salaried employee.It clearly states what are the types of work, how the regulation of labor and other issues.That puts it in the current legislation of the Russian Federation?Under the working time it is commonly understood as a period during which the employee is required to carry out their activities, certain labor contract and other regulatory documents.

Since normalization should take into account a variety of factors (conditions, the worker's age, etc.), the law includes such types of work as:

- normal hours (forty hours or more).It can be used if the employee comes to the usual conditions, and thus does not belong to the category of persons that require special protection measures work;

- reduced working hours.This type is used for well-defined categories of workers (young people, students, employees of hazardous industries, experts, whose activity involves the emotional, mental strain, etc.).The duration of the wo

rking day in this case is less than normal, but wages remain unchanged;

- part-time work.It may be used by agreement of both parties (employer and employee), the size of the payment is proportional to the result.

After consideration of such important aspects as the types of working time, it is advisable to say a few words about the rest, the duration of the period of the work during the day, as well as the kinds of its accounting.

duration of the period of the work during the day can vary due standards of work, type of work week and other factors.If your enterprise has a schedule by turns, all activities are regulated by a special document.It is important to take into account that in such an embodiment, the organization of work for anyone to be rested, the duration of which may not be less than 42 hours.The regime of the day - this is the beginning and end of work, breaks during shifts, shift schedule and other elements.

The principal activities include:

- breaks during the work shift (day);

- rest between shifts (daily);

- uninterrupted rest periods (weekends);

- public holidays;

- as well as annual leave.

followed by a few words about what are the different types of working hours.Allocate:

- per diem;often referred to this kind of single-shift operation.Any labor activity performed over a certain norm is considered overtime.

- weekly;

- summed.This type of account is based on long periods (months to years).

It is also appropriate to mention that the types of work, its accounting system and other important elements of the organization of labor are regulated not only by external legal acts (Code, laws, regulations, etc.), but also the company's internal documents.