True story or a fairy tale?

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On the Internet has long been walking the popular (and not only in Russian) is a beautiful story about the famous inventor of penicillin and rescue them Wellcome British politics.What happened there is that it describes, in fact?

"One day, working hard on the field adjacent to the swamp, a poor Scottish farmer by the name of Fleming heard cries pleading for salvation. The cries came from the swamp. Fleming hurried to the call. The young man, lost in the black swamp muck from the waist up, desperatelytrying to get free. He sank deeper and deeper.

Fleming rushed to the horse for the rope. Panting, he ran back to the swamp, when the young man plunged already to his chest. With a desperate effort, erasing the hand to the blood, Fleming pulled a guy out of the swamp. The man was saved from a slow horrible death.

On sleuyuschy day to the house Fleming drove rich coach. The elegantly dressed gentleman, knocked, entered the house and introduced her father the young man who saved Fleming.

- I want to generously repay you for spachenie lifemy son ...

- No, I can not take money for it 'said krestyanin.- Excuse me, sir.

At this time, the door opened.

Entered Fleming's son and politely bowed, greeted the guests.

- Is that your son? - Asked a guest.

-Yes ...- with accentuated farmer replied proudly.

-I want to agree with you.Let me financially help your son get an education is not worse than getting my own son.If your son has inherited his father's traits, someday we both will be proud of him.

Mr. Rich did just that.Fleming's son attended the most famous schools and universities and, in the end, graduated from medical school at the London hospital of Saints Mary.He was exceptionally talented scientists.

name of Sir Alexander Fleming, the creator of penicillin, the whole world knows.

years passed and one day the son of an aristocrat, so successfully pulling out of the swamp, he came down with pneumonia.Guess what saved his life ... Well, penicillin.The patient received the appropriate time dose of medication.

who saved him this time?

Want to know the name of the nobleman?

Lord Randolph Churchill, according to his son - Sir Winston Churchill. "In fact, this story is invented from beginning to end. And invented it was an American religious home of" The Power of Kindness "in the 1950s of the last century.

Here are some basic facts that refute the story.

1. The main "mistake" of the story is that Churchill was treated for pneumonia is not penicillin, but the drug company M & amp; B - May and Baker Pharmaceuticals under the name of sulfadiazine. As the nature of itsthe disease was not bacterial, and viral, this treatment was successful.

2. Alexander Fleming - and in the version that is walking around the world in English., is the son of Fleming saved the son of Lord Randolph was 7 years younger than Winston, that is.e. Alexander at salvation was only 13 years old.

3. There is no historical evidence or records that Churchill sank at this time in Scotland or even in any other place.

4. When Churchill was 20 years old, he finished the Military Academy in Sandhurst.At that time his father died, and he had to leave England for a year, so he could not located in Scotland during this period.

5. Fleming, even though he was the son of a farmer, but went away from home, as you can verify by reading his biography on the website of Nobel laureates.

6. Fleming was not a wealthy patron, and he was forced to work to earn a study of what can be found on the same site.

7. Industrial production of penicillin begins in 1943 and is unlikely during illness Churchill penicillin was available even to him.Churchill was ill in 1943 in Tunisia, reports of his healing penicillin were published in two newspapers - probably played a role here patriotism, becausesulfadiazine was a German drug and perhaps here and lie the origins of this tale.

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