Obsessed with ultraviolet light

For most people, the concept of a good vacation includes meetings with friends, a picnic in the fresh air and a cool party.But the best friends of 23-year-old Danny Carter and 22-year-old Aston Campbell spend their leisure time differently.

These residents of Portsmouth, United Kingdom, is so dependent on the sun loungers, pills and injections Sun did not imagine their lives without the skin, painted in dark brown and even organize competitions to determine who among them has put hisskin surface more damage, competing in the intensity of the sun.

"The thought of pale skin terrifies me: I can not imagine my life without a sun deck, magic injections and exposure to the sun.As soon as I noticed that my friend is enhanced tan is starting to increase the residence time in the solarium and thus always win "- says joyful emotions with the British tabloid The Sun brown man, whose face unnaturally stand teeth and whites of the eyes.

sun-worshipers do not pay attention to the warnings of doctors who convince friends to give up the dangerous competitions.

"Regular visits to the solarium at the age of 30 increases the risk of skin cancer, including malignant melanoma by 75%.And 20 minutes lying in a deck chair under the blazing sun equivalent to a whole day at the beach without the use of special tools.Besides, injections tanning not been adequate checks and have licenses.You do not have the slightest idea about what type into your body.This pair is steadily moving to a catastrophe ", - said Dr. Carol Cooper.

According to Aston, the case with a friend of sunburn, caused her to reflect on the consequences of a bad habit.But useful inferences British women disappeared, it was worth it to see the fan tan, sprawled on the rug.

"Danny was trying to hold in the solarium as long as possible, and received three sessions in one day.And in the evening he was taken to the hospital.It turned out that my friend were third-degree burns.Danny anointed with cooling gel, and even given morphine for pain relief.But three weeks later, his skin has healed, and my friend again lay down on the chaise longue.I was determined to give up the sun, but when he saw Danny in the sun, could not resist and joined him "- he admits obsessed with ultraviolet light.

Tanoreksikov not confused and ever-increasing spending: on the sun deck, tanning agents and suspicious injection couple spends 3400 pounds (5180 dollars).

"Life was created for enjoyment, and if tan makes us happy, what's the problem?" - Is perplexed woman, covered with dry skin like parchment.

Anna Romantseva

Photo source: thesun.co.uk

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