Means for cleaning of acrylic bathtubs.

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Acrylic is used to create modern fixtures often.This is due to certain advantages of this material compared to cast iron or steel counterparts.Firstly, the acrylic bathtub weighs several times smaller than the bath made of other materials.Secondly, such a surface is perfectly flat and smooth, so it will last a very long time.But it is provided that in the plumbing fixtures will properly care for and clean.Only well-chosen cleaner acrylic baths will keep it for years to come.

Properties acrylic

should start with the fact that the acrylic - a polymer.The performance properties of this material is quite good.Although in many ways the quality also depends on the manufacturer.Acrylic does not rust and does not peel off, which is not the cast-iron baths.

Acrylic bath is not afraid of light mechanical stress, unlike its steel counterparts.This polymer is not afraid of hard, dirty and very hot water.

Pollution degree acrylic bathtubs

Based on these properties of these baths, we can identify the main types of pollution, which ever face their owners.

  • simple mud.It is easily washed off with plain water, and dried up as it can be eliminated using liquid detergent for acrylic baths and sponge.In order not to scratch the finish, it is better to wash a dirty rag.
  • dried mud should be washed in the same way, just soak it.To do this, you can dial a full bath of hot water and wait a bit to dirty otmokla.Edge of the tub, you can clean out the dried mud, after putting on a wet cloth for a few minutes.
  • stubborn dirt, such as clay or sand, can be removed with a liquid detergent composition.For this purpose, it is best to approach a specialized agent for cleaning acrylic baths.
  • But what if the bath stained plaster, lime or wood resin?Such dirty wash hard, especially when you consider that the use of simple household chemicals for acrylic baths is not appropriate and not domestic use is prohibited at all.In cases where a simple scrubbing sponge does not help, it takes a special agent with the reactive medium.To do this, the owner of acrylic baths must be in the arsenal of folk remedies such as vinegar or citric acid.

Keep in mind that these products are in direct contact with the bath will have a devastating effect on her.To make a detergent for cleaning acrylic baths, it is necessary to dissolve the vinegar or citric acid in water.The solution will be safe for the bath surface and the cleaning effect is comparable to the road will be sold in stores.

Choosing detergent

Today you can find a variety of different detergent bath.For acrylic surfaces find a suitable cleaner is not difficult.For example, the hosts are very popular means of Bass.It is also great for showers.To wash the bath, you need to take a bit of money, put it on a soft cloth or sponge and spread over the surface of sanitary ware.After a few minutes means should be gently removed with a sponge and rinse with water.To make the surface shine, you can wipe it with a napkin, pre-moistened with polish.

If you want to know what means to wash acrylic bathtub, pay attention to Cif.With its use, you can wash the whole bathroom full.As part of the funds is not abrasive and it is able to clean off any dirt.Besides "Cif" fairly inexpensive.It means sold as a spray or a cream.Choosing

than wash plumbing, it may be preferable and unusual means.For example, it can be "Akrilan" - special foam is intended for cleaning showers and acrylic baths.It perfectly removes various kinds of dirt, including soap stains, fungus, mold, rust, lime coating, etc.

Among the other most accessible means can distinguish "TritonĀ», Ravak and Delfi.They are all perfectly clean surface of the bath and do not damage acrylic, preserving its whiteness.

The wash can not

What means for cleaning acrylic baths are strictly prohibited?It is impossible not to use household chemicals: benzene, acetone, and the solvent.They contain chemically active agents which would harm the acrylic coating until it dissolves.

Do not clean the bath with a stiff brush, sponge and metal objects with an abrasive surface.

nuances and recommendations

now choose a suitable product among the variety of detergents has become much easier.As the stores began to appear specialized tools for cleaning acrylic bathtubs: liquid, paste, foam.

But manufacturers and baths are not far behind.They are not limited release odnoformatnyh baths and products made of different colors and even patterned.These baths do not differ from the traditional ones.The only difference - is the presence in the polymer dyes that require special cleaning methods.

So you wash acrylic bathtub as take care of it?The color bath to wash a bit more complicated than white.After all, to maintain the brightness and color, have to give up detergent with chlorine.For color acrylic baths are only suitable liquid detergent to polymer plumbing.

Traditional methods

there any folk remedies and how to wash acrylic bathtub?Home cleaning method is simple enough: it is necessary to prepare a solution from scrap products that is in almost every home.Ammonia (100 ml) to be mixed with hydrogen peroxide (50 mL).The components are mixed thoroughly, moisten the cloth resulting solution and rub her all contaminated sites.Wash the surface better in rubber gloves.After 15 minutes, rinsed with clean water composition.

dried stains can bring wine vinegar and salt.In 100 ml of vinegar will need 2 tablespoons of salt.The mixture was heated in a microwave oven to approximately 65 degrees.Stains wipe composition and allowed to warm for 20 minutes, after which the bath is rinsed with warm water and a sponge.

What means better - home or shop?

Now, when it became known, what can wash acrylic bathtub, the question arises: "What means better - store-bought or prepared yourself?" That everyone must decide for himself.Folk remedies are usually cheaper and often not inferior to the effectiveness of the store.Besides using home remedies, you can be sure that they are safe, especially for young children.After washing baths specialized tools should be thoroughly rinsed with water.

Anyway bathroom will serve longer if you regularly look after her properly and promptly wash the suitable cleaning agents.