Criteria for evaluation of staff , the basic requirements for business and personal qualities of managerial workers

every manager in the performance of official duties have to cope with the need of evaluation subordinates.Criteria for evaluation of personnel needed to make decisions about career advancement, an increase in wages or the need to improve the employee's qualifications.

use of modern methods of objective evaluation of staff and managers in the conditions of democratic governance and market economy is of particular importance.

staff appraisal system is an important and even indispensable element in the management of staff.It is a system with a rather complex structure, which allows the adjustment function for the activities of employees and managers.

Evaluation of staff on the eve of the planned certification, in the electoral process managers, in the formation of personnel reserve, as well as the possible reshuffle in personnel - are in practice the key areas of assessment of the functioning of organizations.

Today, throughout the most important principle of personnel management is the ability to objectively assess the employee in his personal and professional qualities.For this purpose the corresponding evaluation criteria formed staff.

list of business skills of management employees

- knowledge of production processes, technology and their technical features, the modern development trends;

- knowledge of methods of economic planning and analysis;

- the ability to choose the means and methods to achieve the best results of economic and industrial activity at the lowest possible labor, energy and financial costs;

- presence of special skills and knowledge in the field of management and organization of production (theoretical bases, advanced forms and methods, recommendations contemporary foreign and domestic science), as well as the ability to apply them in practice in the workplace;

- the ability to efficiently select and properly organize the work of the staff;

- the ability to send a working team to address the issues raised and challenges;

- the ability to maintain discipline and to protect the interests of the collective;

- the ability advisable to plan the work of the administrative apparatus;

- properly allocate powers, responsibilities and rights between the subordinate staff;

- to coordinate the activities of all departments and services in a unified enterprise management system;

- ability to accurately plan and organize their own activities, combining its basic position control, use depending on the arisen situation the most effective and appropriate methods and styles of work;

- the ability to exercise rigor and austerity to subordinate staff and to himself personally;

- the ability to specifically and accurately solve operational issues and everyday activities;

- to monitor and take into account the results of their own work and the whole team;

- to encourage staff to take responsibility in the implementation of its own decisions;

- to prevent and promptly correct any manifestation of bureaucracy in the work of subordinates.

Personality personnel evaluation criteria are also crucial, especially in a market economy.

list of personal qualities of managerial employees

- fairness and honesty;

- the ability to establish friendly relations with the subordinate staff;

- discreet and consistency in every situation;

- integrity and commitment;

- determination and perseverance in the decision-making and initiative in their implementation;

- the ability to defend their own opinions and interests of the staff;

- self-criticism in the evaluation of their own behavior and actions;

- the ability to listen to the advice and recommendations of subordinates;

- perception of criticism and the ability to make proper conclusions;

- the ability to keep his word and do not make promises that can not be done;

- the ability to properly use the official powers and rights in cases of organizational and administrative actions;

- the ability of personal behavior and personal example have a positive effect on subordinates in their daily lives.

Criteria for evaluation of personnel management employees have both positive and negative sides.The argument in their favor is that they help to solve a number of management issues and challenges.

Evaluation (especially the objective), encourages a more efficient operation.Availability of program evaluation and publicity of the results of its implementation forms the workers initiative, responsibility and encourage the pursuit of more effective action.

staff appraisal system serves as the legal basis for transfers, promotions, awards and layoffs, gives information on the recruitment of staff, as well as to determine the size of the salaries and remuneration of staff.