The contract of carriage of goods on different modes of transport

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contract of carriage of goods is a company that is engaged in transportation, and its client.Furthermore, this company is committed to deliver the goods, and the customer - to pay for services rendered.Conclusion of the agreement is the guarantee delivery on the one hand, and the payment of cargo - on the other.

Paperwork transport delivery is made in accordance with certain rules of transportation.For transportation by railways and roads, as well as air transport, there is one form of transport documents.For transportation by water transport provided other documents.Their shapes conform to the Charter and Code.

contract of carriage contains all the conditions and additional commitments established between the two parties:

  • description of the subject movement and specify the address of delivery;
  • specify the time period for execution of the order, ie,time of delivery of the goods and the time of payment;
  • cost of the service provided and the method of payment;
  • responsibility of the parties, based on the requirements of the law, if the contract of carriage of goods is not carried out;
  • various additions or changes.

If drawn up a contract of carriage of goods by road can be considered various contingencies, due to which the goods can not be delivered on time.This should be documented reasons for the delay.

enters into a contract of carriage of goods accompanied by the bill of lading or other document containing information about transported goods.When traveling, for example, by rail or water is the freight bill, the sender is given a receipt for the goods.

As for the value of the goods, it is determined by the price of the goods.The fee for the delivery of a certain value, which is derived based on fixed tariffs or by agreement of the parties.

for non-fulfillment of any points of the contract provides for liability under the law and on the basis of the contract of carriage.

causes of the liability of transporting goods, may be the lack of goods, the quantity and weight, without corresponding invoice, damaged goods.The recoverable amount is the amount of actual damage to the client, and the cash on delivery and returns if it separately.

case of violation of conditions of the contract of any party aggrieved party to address these issues may apply to the court.

Contract for the International Carriage of Goods drawn up the movement of goods and various luggage across Russia with the departure of the foreign countries.

International shipping is carried out by the same means of transport, and that the country and the documents are processed, respectively, in the same way.

contract of carriage of goods is very important for companies to carry out delivery, and for its customers.