Mushroom soup with potatoes: the recipe.

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mushroom soup with potatoes, the recipe of which will be discussed below, will be an excellent first course for a dinner table.Cooking can be a variety of ways.Today we introduce you to the most popular recipes that do not require a large set of ingredients and a lot of time.

mushroom soup with potatoes: easy recipe

If you have never cooked mushroom soup, it's time to do it.It should be noted that nothing in this complex process is not.You only need to strictly adhere to all the rules of prescription.

What components are required to prepare a delicious and rich soup with mushrooms and potatoes?The recipe for this simple but hearty requires:

  • medium potato - tubers 2;
  • large onion - 1 head;
  • fresh mushrooms - 300 g;
  • juicy carrots - 1 large piece .;
  • vegetable oil - about 30 ml;
  • small chicken egg - 1 pc .;
  • wheat flour - about 2 tablespoons of dessert;
  • Fresh green - the beam;
  • pepper and freshly ground sea salt - used to taste.

processing component

can prepare mushroom soup with mushrooms is quite easy.But this should be carefully handle all components.First we need to clean all the vegetables, then chop them into cubes (carrots grate better).

As for fresh mushrooms, they are well washed and cut in slices.Also separately prepared egg batter.To do this properly whipped egg fork, and then mixed with a small amount of salt and wheat flour.The output is a fairly viscous dough.It is useful to us for making dumplings.

Cooking ingredients

How should I cook the soup with mushrooms and potatoes?The recipe for this dish involves the use of large pots.It is filled with water and boil.In the future, all the dishes dipped mushrooms and chopped potatoes.Ambassador ingredients they bring to a boil, then Bates fire and boil for 25 minutes.During this time, the products must be fully prepared.

Fry ingredients

until the potatoes are cooked with mushrooms, start frying of the products.To do this in a frying pan heat the oil and then spread in a grated carrot and onion bulb.Stir the ingredients of roasted to full transparency.At the end products salt and pepper.

final stage

After the mushrooms and potatoes are tender, the broth dumplings are beginning to spread.To do this, use a small spoon.Lay out all the products, the soup boil over medium heat for about 6 minutes.Then it spread to the browned vegetables and fresh herbs.Products are thoroughly mixed, boiled for 3 minutes and remove from heat, previously covered for.

How to bring to the table?

After a delicious soup with mushrooms configure themselves under the cover (about ¼ hours), its spread in the dish and presented to the table.In addition to the mushroom dinner is served a slice of bread and fresh cream.

Step soup recipe with mushrooms and broccoli

prepare dishes with mushrooms can be not only in the above recipe, but in another way.For example, it turns out delicious soup with mushrooms.If you do not know how to cook it, then we will tell you about it right now.

So, a thick potato soup with mushrooms requires:

  • medium potatoes - 4 tubers;
  • large onions - 2 heads;
  • pickled mushrooms - 300 g;
  • frozen broccoli - 150 g;
  • vegetable oil - about 30 ml;
  • Fresh green - the beam;
  • pepper and freshly ground sea salt - used to taste.

Training components

To prepare this dish, we decided not to use fresh or frozen mushrooms and pickled.With them, the soup will be more fragrant and delicious.

So to make the first dish spicy, pickled mushrooms spread in a colander and rinse with cold water.Then mushrooms chopped slices and divide into two equal halves.

As for fresh vegetables, they are cleaned and chopped into cubes.

Cook soup

Before you cook a meal, take a deep pan, fill it with water and boil.After that, spread half the dishes of marinated mushrooms and potatoes.Ingredients salt and cook for 25 minutes.Meanwhile, in sunflower oil separately fried onions bulb and the second half of pickled mushrooms.

Once the potatoes are soft, add it to the frozen broccoli and continue cooking the soup for about 7 minutes.Then remove the pan from the heat and a little cooled the contents.

Picking up the blender, cooked dish quickly whipped into a thick puree.Next to it was added sauteed mushrooms and onion bulbs, and chopped fresh herbs.Mix all ingredients, put them back on the heat and bring to a boil.Boil the soup in this format should be about 5 minutes.

aright for dinner

As you can see, in the preparation of soup puree no big deal.Once it is ready, it is spread on plates.The dish is presented to the table, along with garlic bread or a slice of ordinary bread.

Cooking soup with noodles

soup with mushrooms and noodles is considered the most simple and quick to prepare.That's why this dish is particularly popular among those who do not like a long time to stand at the stove.

So, to properly prepare a delicious mushroom soup we need the following components:

  • large onion - 1 head;
  • potatoes medium - 2 of the tuber;
  • frozen mushrooms - 300 g;
  • average carrot - 1 pc .;
  • rastitelnooe oil - about 35 ml;
  • fresh herbs - beam;
  • vermicelli - added at the discretion;
  • pepper and freshly ground sea salt - used to taste.


Prepare soup from the frozen mushrooms does not differ from that food that is made with fresh or dried mushrooms.This always turns hearty lunch, tasty and nutritious.

So, for the preparation of the first dishes all vegetables thoroughly washed and peeled.Then proceed to their grinding.Potato and onion chopped into cubes and carrots - slices.As for the frozen mushrooms, they are completely thawed, washed and deprived of fluid.They are then cut into strips.

Roasting mushrooms

To make a fragrant and rich soup, mushrooms should carefully fry.To do this, they spread in the pan and put on fire.After a saucepan with all the moisture evaporates, it adds vegetable oil and onions.Both ingredients are mixed and fry until redness.They were then salt, pepper, and remove from heat.

Cook soup

After frying onions and mushrooms to start cooking the remaining ingredients.To do this in a large pan heated drinking water, and then spread it carrots and potatoes.Both products were boiled for half an hour.Then thereto was added vermicelli, spices and cook for about 2 minutes.Finally, spread in a pan previously fried mushrooms and onions.Also in the soup add chopped fresh herbs.

All the ingredients are stirred with a spoon and bring to a boil.After 3 minutes, the dish covered with a lid, remove from heat and insist about ¼ hour.

served are tasty dish with vermicelli

As you can see, the soup is easy to prepare, even from frozen mushrooms.After he configure themselves under the hood, it boldly laid out on plates.To present such a dinner to the table, it is desirable together with a piece of bread and fresh cream.


In this article, we introduced you to three different recipe cooking delicious mushroom soup.Which one to choose to feed the family dinner - it's only you.It should also be noted that such a meal can be prepared in other ways.For example, some housewives are added to the soup rice or buckwheat, small pasta, various vegetables and even home-made noodles.

If for any reason you are not able to buy fresh, frozen or marinated mushrooms, instead they can use other types of mushrooms.For example, a very tasty soup is obtained from forest honey agarics, oyster, chanterelle, parasol, ceps and so on.Handle should be in exactly the same way as the mushrooms.However, the palatability of the soup will vary significantly vyshepredstavlennyh.This is due to the fact that each type of mushroom makes the first dish special and gives it a unique aroma and taste.To see this, it is necessary to prepare a variety of soups presented themselves.