New dangerous invention: Smoking Alcohol

People are very creative when it comes to drinking.However, a new form of "drinking", known as smoking alcohol causes particular concern doctors.

So what kind of a way of taking alcohol?It does not matter whether you drink beer through a funnel or just kicking the bar - receiving excessive amounts of alcohol is dangerous anyway.Now, however, many drinkers have gone further and started smoking ... alcohol.This precarious and fraught with dire consequences the practice has several options.

can pour alcohol over dry ice, and then inhale the vapors formed or just through a straw, you can build a device for sucking alcohol vapors using a bicycle pump.Desired drink is poured into the bottle, the bottle is closed tube, is inserted into the tube needle bicycle pump.The bottle is pumped air and vaporizes alcohol - something the couple and breathe "inventors."

In 2004, the United States emerged in the free sale of the so-called devices ABJ (Alcohol Without Liquid), but they were quickly banned and the more they never appeared.

decade later, doctors noticed that this practice will be continued, not only among students and troubled teens.It is popular among dieters.Overweight people are trying in this way to get rid of the calories contained in alcohol.

«Some think that is a great way to drink without gaining weight because alcohol contains a lot of calories.Dieting vyptesh not much, "- said the deputy chief physician of CRC Health Group Dr. Dani Keriz, the author of the treatment program for people with behavioral problems, chemical dependency and disorders of the digestive system.According to Dr. Keriz, adolescents are particularly susceptible to this kind of experiment, because for them it is something new and exciting.

One such smoking Broderick Allen from North Texas said he stopped drinking to lose weight 80 pounds (about 36 kg), and later took up smoking alcohol, not to gain extra calories.

If inhaled alcohol vapors penetrate directly through the lungs to the brain and in the blood system, so that people get drunk very quickly.Due to the fact that alcohol pass filtering in the stomach and the liver, it does not lose its toxicity and poorly absorbed.

Those who "drink" so feel the effect almost immediately, but the risk to life and limb is greatly increased.People sniffing alcohol much higher chance of getting alcohol poisoning from an overdose.When you drink too much, it starts vomiting.This defensive reaction practically prevents overdose.When alcohol passes through the stomach and the liver, the body can not withdraw it in time.

In this way, "drinking" is also very difficult without a strict measurement to determine how much you drink.When alcohol from a cup is poured into the bottle, and then evaporated and the vapors are inhaled, they can not say for sure, you inhale a couple of sips or a whole cup as she remains liquid in the bottle.

«It's just a nightmare for the lungs and throat," - says Dr. Keriz."Light is not intended to be inhaled something that can turn back into a liquid.The lungs can begin a real "flood".

To date, it is unclear how popular a way of taking alcohol, because there were no studies.But, like other fads, the so-called video smoking alcoholic beverages more often appears on the Internet.

trend goes in the city bars, there are various gaseous cocktails, such as Vaportini legally sold in all 50 states of America.Restaurants describe the advantages of these cocktails: "In them there is no calories, no carbohydrates and impurities, and the effect of alcohol is felt almost immediately."

«Fortunately, these drinks are usually served in a wide glass, so the couple is not as concentrated," - says Dr. Keriz.However, she believes all this alarming."It's amazing that just do not come up with the people to drink", - she says.

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