Shower cabin: dimensions, reviews, price

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speed - is the main defining characteristic of modern life.But taking a bath is not always enough time and effort: in the shower quickly - and well.Shower baths profitable: water consumption is six times less.But what if in the bathroom there is an old bath cumbersome?The alternative - a shower.Dimensions can choose, based on the area and needs.

Types showers

  • This complex structure, which consists of walls, pallet, doors and roofs.Or they put them on the wall or put in a corner.This largely depends on the configuration of the pallet and the place that I want to save in the bathroom.So you want to shower.Dimensions thus may be crucial.Mounted on a metal profile wall adjacent to a wall, a door or curtain.And on top of the roof can be, but need not be.Feedback from those who already use such a miracle of progress, saying that this process has almost no effect.
  • If the cabin is not completely sealed, then the washing of it will be coming out steam.Such a cab, of course, is cheaper - from 15 to 45 thousand rubles.Cheaper stall will be the case, if the walls of the plastic used.
  • more expensive options - toughened glass, which can be transparent, opaque, colored or chrome.Hermetic sealing cabin offers peace, music and songs no one disturb the neighbors.Not only loud sounds but also the heat stored in the cockpit.Those who use a shower, it is advised to take this option.

How to choose a shower stall

First, we must decide how to allocate space in the bathroom.Second, determine the order which will pan.Thirdly, the answer to the question of what exactly to protect themselves from the spray.All taken together show what is needed shower.The size can be determined directly for buying, having risen in a pan, close the door and raised his hands, moving them as if lathering head.So you can find out - you will be comfortable or uncomfortable.Doors and shutters should not interfere with usability.Therefore, judging from the reviews, it is best to go to the store to pick up walk-in shower of the largest human seme.No primarily choosing the booth, you have to find sellers sizes in centimeters.Typically, they are different in width, depth and height.Before buying it is necessary to make calculations and measurements of the place where it will be installed shower.Dimensions can be, for example, such 217 or 216 x 160 x 90 cm or less - 130 x 105 x 230 cm. This will help orient in accounting occupied in the bathroom space and determine the price, because the price range is quite wide - from 15 to700 thousand rubles.

size and price

Showers from Russia are relatively low cost - between 20 000 rubles.Thus they have a top cover, steam will not come out of the cab.In addition, they are equipped with glass (usually sliding) doors are fitted with additional accessories and easy sobirayutsya.To have a shower, the size, the price of which offered any choice - from 80 x 80 x 190 cm to 100 x 100 x 220 cm, will notproblem, you select it easily.It is necessary to carefully study the market.And expensive offers more than enough.By the way, by modern standards, the shower can be placed not only in the bathroom, but in a normal room.Those who did so, saying that it is very convenient.In addition, modern, stylish structure can beautify any interior.

About pallets

This is an important moment.Materials used for the manufacture of various: plastic and acrylic, enamelled steel and cast iron, pottery and artificial stone.Each has its own advantages.Acrylic inexpensive and warm.Modern technologies strengthen acrylic trays.Their rigidity is close to the steel.Faience and artificial stone are long, but expensive.Cast iron and enameled steel easy to clean, but they are more expensive than acrylic.

pallet size showers are small - 3.5 cm, the average - 10-18 cm and bath - 45 cm. Forms - bizarre.However, the most popular - rectangular and semi-circular.

Finally, choosing a pallet, it is necessary to correctly choose the height.It should not be too shallow or deep.Otherwise, in the first case it would be inconvenient to wash, and the second - you can stumble.The tray is not caving in, it must hold a lot of weight.Reviews CERTIFICATE that is very useful when it is not completely smooth, but on the surface there are irregularities.

Two in one

most often the rectangular showers bundled together with a bath.It is these options allow you to combine their functions.Dimensions showers with bathroom, standard rectangular:

  • 100 x 80 cm;
  • 110 x 80 cm;
  • 120 x 80 cm;
  • 120 x 90 cm;
  • 90 x 90 cm;
  • 100 x 100 cm;
  • 110 x 110 cm.

where indicated length and width of the cabin.Height - 210-240 cm. A large model sizes are 170 x 80 cm. This is a full bath.If the car has a function of the bath, then it requires a deep pan - 40 cm and bolshe.Eto much more reliable device than the model with the lowest tray.But they are more expensive.At bath mounted rigid shutter which completely closes its width and length can be arbitrary.The price range in this case is striking: from 25 to 770 thousand. Rub.

And if you put a booth in the corner?

  1. Wanting to save money, you should pay attention to the shower corners.They are distinguished by the absence of walls and booths cost.The lowest tray, which can only be the height is 10 cm. It depends solely on the size of the door - between 170 and 190 cm. The compact cabin has a size of 80 x 80 cm to 110 x 110 cm. It has no rear wall, but onlytray and sliding doors.By corners bathroom walls are fixed mounting plates on them - the door, and it provides stability.The prices of such options are quite democratic: from 11.5 to 30 thousand. Rub.In addition, those who use an air shower, do not complain about the quality and ease of use.
  2. But there are also completely sealed model with sophisticated built-in equipment (eg, hydro-massage).They are lateral, vertical or cervical.Many will be delighted radio and telephone.These cabins in size are medium or large.120 x 120 cm, 110 x 90 cm - the size showers, angular, large size.If the cabin is provided at least one additional function, the cost will be closer to 200 thousand. Rub.

Customer reviews of showers

They mostly positive.

  • save space.
  • rain shower that does not need to keep.
  • Whirlpool lets you relax and makes the souls desire.
  • Radio and soundlights help wake up in the morning.
  • water does not fall on the floor.
  • light in the cockpit and the multi-colored light diodes.
  • hygienic wash in the shower than a bath.

choosing a shower, the buyer assumes that it will last for a long time and provide all modern comforts: it is a mirror, shelves for gels and shampoo dispensers for liquid soap, shower heads, fan, lights, telephone, hydro-massage, massagers forfeet.And be sure the remote control!If you want to relax in a comfortable home environment, it is necessary to acquire cutting-edge shower.A compact size allows, expanding place in the bathroom, put it useful appliances.